Live-in Relationships - Advantages And Disadvantages

Pros And Cons Of Live-in Relationships

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Live-in relationships have become more common these days and the society is still learning to accept this fact. Just like anything, Live-in relationships comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's us look at what are the pros and cons of living together before marriage.

The idea of a live-in relationship is either to know more about your partner before getting married or to live like a married couple without any commitments, specially for people who have commitment issues. Lack of faith in the institution of marriage also make some people chose this unconventional way of living with their romantic partners.

As everything related to our lives have two aspect to it, live-in relationship also has its own advantages and disadvantages. Today I am going to talk about both its positive and negative sides.

Advantages of Live-in Relationships:

  • Net practice before the final match - Live in relationship helps you to evaluate your partner more efficiently as your life becomes more transparent to each other, living under the same roof. You develop to understand more about the opposite person and their likes and dislikes, which would help you in the future when you decide to get married.

  • Sharing is caring - The sense of sharing expenses before marriage is totally different post marriage. Here, both the individual is neither answerable to each other about their spending expense nor they have to worry about any joint financial ventures. Both parties have the financial liberty to indulge in their favorite activities without being questioned.

  • No social and legal responsibilities - Marriage binds two individuals together legally and socially. After getting married, there are chances of being judged or feeling pressurized by the society in various ways.

    As the the external factor of social burden is less on the couple while in a live-in relationship, there are more chances for the relationship to blossom.

Disadvantages of Live-in Relationships:

  • Free to exit anytime - As there is no legal, social and financial bindings between a live-in couple, it is easier for any of the partners to quit the relationship at any time and move out. Henceforth, this split can take a toll on the opposite partner's mental health of being left alone.
  • No new excitement - The individuals in a live-in relationship have already enjoyed everything as a couple and there are nothing yet to be discovered after marriage. Therefore, this might cause monotony in their day to day activities and there might be a chance of stress and anxiety after sudden exposure to the vast responsibilities of a marriage.
  • Social Acceptance - Because there are no legal or society approval on live-in relationships, it is not considered to be respectful by some orthodox people. Often such couples are seen being criticized, rejected and labeled by the society which in the contrary might create problems in the relationship.

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  • goldstay  08-11-2017
    Hmmm... In the society where I grew up, it is still not acceptable to live together based from culture and religious belief. But it's a good thing to show also the advantages of live-in relationship, preventing a one-sided discussion in this article. Thank you for sharing. I am learning a lot. :)
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  • abhi_bangal  01-11-2017
    Rightly spoken here. Take any one thing and you will find pros and cons of it. Personally, I'll be able to find more downsides than the positives. Doesn't mean it's bad all through. But as I said, just a personal opinion.
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