Importance Of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations of all. Without any fuss, confusion, tangles and commitment life becomes a cake-walk if you have a hand of a friend to hold on. It is a divine blessing of God. Don't you agree? If not, then tell me, how is it possible that in population of more than a million you somehow stuck with someone who is just like you? We also say at times, ‘This world is so mean’, then how come there are few people who are ready to take all your sorrows and are always there for you when you need them. I can say this because I have been gifted with such a beautiful gift called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” in my life.

Sometimes I wonder God has given us so many relations to cherish where each one of it having its own importance in our life. Friendship is the only relation out of all which is apart from caste, class, blood or status.

It just needs to check the love in the heart of the other person to be friends with. So why do we need friends? What is the importance of friendship in our life? After wondering a lot, I got my answer.

Whenever I am upset, they are the first one who notices that sadness in my eyes, no matter how hard I try to hide it behind my smile. Whenever I am stuck in a problem and have no solution, no matter how serious the issue may be, they are the one who provides me the best possible way out of it. Whenever I need a company they are the one who come to me and make me laugh leaving behind other things. Even if it is about convincing parents for a night out or going to a friend’s birthday party at discotheque, friends are best in their job. They are the people with whom everything can be discussed without a pre-thought that it is personal. Whenever you look back in your life, you’ll realize they are the one with whom you have shared the best and the worst.

With so much dire need of friends in our life how can we think of existing without them? Though we have many people around us, but there are only close friends who make all the difference. If they are present nothing else matter. Friendship is that innocent feeling as of a small child whose love is unconditional, uncommitted and yet so pure. Friends are a family outside home where the responsibility of each person is shared equally by everyone else. Like a family, they guide you to a right path and never let you divert from your target. They are good to be relied on and there is a sense of security whenever you are with them.

Friendship is like an investment, the more you invest the more you reap. An investment is in terms of trust and faith which is the root of any strong relation. No matter how much you spend together on your vodkas or how many night outs you have enjoyed together, if there is no seed of trust and faith in the soil the tree of friendship cannot stand long.

Life with friends becomes an easy going journey that you would never like to get over with. Each day spent with them is to be cherished in a different way even if some days bring lot of misunderstandings or fights. But whatever it is, friendship is an old book, while turning its pages you go through a lot of mixed feelings realizing that even after sharing the best and the worst you are still together.

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