10 Qualities of a Good Parents

10 Qualities That Every Parents Should Posses

10 Qualities of a Good Parents
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Parenting skills are the guiding forces of a good parent to lead a child into a healthy adult, they influence on development, maintenance, and cessation of children’s negative and positive behaviors. Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience and is constant work and growth. The cognitive potential, social skills, and behavioral functioning a child acquires during the early years are fundamentally dependent on the quality of their interactions with their parents.

When you plan for a family and when the result is positive, you and your partner are on cloud nine as it’s the best feeling one could experience in its lifetime. It is often said that two individuals often complete when they have a family of their own. Nurturing children in a proper way is the root base of parenting and it is very essential for them to have such Qualities

Give Adequate Time: In this era where technology has taken a toll on everybody, parents should keep in mind that they give more time to their kids then to their mobile phones, tablets or T.V. It is very important to give them time and attention as they urge for our love and pamper when they are small. Spending more and more time with them makes them a better human. Spending one hour everyday as family could be a very good initiative.

Should keep personal issues away from children: When the parents have a fight between themselves, they should not let the kids know about it as it may create a negative impact on them and should never fight in front of them as they tend to lose respect for their parents and start seeing them in such a way.

They should either solve the matter inside the room or pretend to be normal in front of the children. No matter how major the fight is but it shouldn’t be shown in front of children.

Give all ears to their problems: Parents should understand what their children are going through and should help them solve it and not get angry on them. This way they will become your friends and could share anything and everything with their parents without any hesitation. Parents should be flexible and open minded so that they can discuss the current issues and problems they deal in life and they don’t suffer with depression or think of committing suicide or anything as they know they have their parents support with them.

Role Model: Parents should be the role model of their children so they even give respect and treat everyone equally. It is important as they will treat people just the way their parents do, so it is important to be a good to pass good qualities to your children. Parents have a major impact on their kids as they start to look at the world in that perspective.

Eating Habits: As a parent it is very important to give children proper etiquettes of eating habits as if they don’t do from start, they will have to suffer in future as their children may face obesity, diseases, low immune system, digestive issues. What they eat is a root of their health and it will help them in future. Eating healthy and good food should be a habit and a must and should avoid sugary drinks, junk food etc

Involve them in Household Chores: Whether it’s a boy or a girl, make sure to involve both in household chore as it would create a sense of responsibility and sharing towards children. They will get habituated to this and make it a habit and it would not be burden on one person alone. A sense of family is being developed in them and it will be with them till they live.

Plan a family Trip: A family trip is a must as it will bring the children and parents close as they will spend maximum time with each other and can resolve issues which they have.  Spending more time with each other and spending a vacation together tends to create a sense of togetherness among each other.

Humanity:  Humanity is a religion which is above all religion Rather than dividing the children only with religion, one should teach humanity as humanity is above all religion. If  a child respects all individuals –whether rich or poor- whether deaf or dumb-whether ugly or beautiful- whether blind or visually impaired-whether normal or differently able,  animals, insects or any living being then he/she is the most kind soul.

Patience:  Patience is another important quality which every parent must possess. Whether you are the mom or the dad you need to learn to be patient. Dealing with kids can get stressful at times but do not give up, your parents have dealt with you too no matter how hard it was for them. You have to learn to calm down and handle situations. Taking decisions in haste may lead to problems. You have to understand your children too.

Encouragement: Encouragement is the first and foremost thing a parent must do. Life brings many failures but learning to cope with them and being encouraged to move on is necessary. This is what you have to do for your children. This goes a long way to boost the confidence and well being of your children. Encourage them to try new things and explore their talents. Your encouragement may lead them to do great things. At the same time if you are discouraging it leaves the child dishearten.

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