10 Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Know these 10 Baby Care Tips for New Moms

10 Baby Care Tips for New Moms
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Whole life changes when baby comes in your life. Suddenly rushing into everything starts. You can’t sit more relaxed. Suddenly baby pees, you need to change his nappy. When you are finished with that suddenly baby needs feed. Like that, there are so many things. Knowledge of right way to care baby, comes handy in such situations. Lets have a look on 10 baby care tips that will help every new mom.

You can’t be as easy as before birth of baby. Baby comes with their own needs. You need to fulfil them to keep baby healthy. Otherwise you have to pay price of baby illness. Baby care tips comes of great help in such situation. So, here comes

10 baby care tips for new moms to make process easy-

1) Burp your baby after breastfeeding-

Sometimes mothers make mistake of not burping baby.

But, it is a major mistake in baby take care process. Connection of Baby’s Eustachian tube is not yet fully closed. If do not burped your baby, it might happen that milk will regurgitate into Eustachian tube. Second harm is milk can regurgitate back into nose or mouth, if not burped.

2) Breastfeed your baby after every 2 hours-

Newborn baby’s milk feed gets digested in approximately 2 hours. That is why baby feels hungry after every 2 hours. Therefore, timely breastfeed your newborn baby after every 2 hours. 

3) Get your sleep session on time-

This need to be done, because newborn baby won’t give you much time. The moment you think to relax, his feeding time comes or baby pees. All that consume time you have kept for sleeping. So, you need to be careful with baby sleep rhythm. When baby sleep session comes, use that time as your sleep session. 

4) Keep baby awake by gently striking on feet or gently pulling ear with a finger-

Newborn baby tend to sleep during breastfeeding session. This is because of cosy warmth that they have in mother’s lap. Why they should be awoke during feeding session? The are two reason for that-

  • If baby sleep during feeding session, they will not take full feeding. When baby take half feeding, they become hungry soon, before 2 hours.
  • Feed milk can regurgitate, if baby go to sleep during feeding session. 
5) Make baby used to touch lap of both parents-

Do not make baby totally dependent on you every time. Both parents should give their equal time share to baby. This will make baby used to touch of both parents. Baby will not cry when father will hold him in his lap. This will create time span empty, for you to do other work. But, baby should be hand over to father, after baby has completed his breastfeed. Baby will stay for more time in father’s lap, when has enough breastfeed.

6) Keep extra clothes handy to change when baby pees-

When baby pees, lot of time get wasted in rushing for clothes here and there. To prevent that keep some clothes handy nearby. For example, nappy to be changed, baby sheet, to be changed, should be nearby when required.

7) Keep sleeping environment as cosy as possible for baby-

Baby should be adapted to their sleeping environment. For this you need to make cosy environment for baby. For example, hanging down curtains, layer soft baby sleep sheet. Baby head massage during sleep session of baby, should be followed. This will induce sound sleep to baby.

8) Sponge bath up to 4 weeks, proper bath after that-

Newborn baby’s skin is very soft. He should not be given normal bath up to 4 weeks. Instead, baby should be given sponge bath up to 4 weeks. After that baby can be given proper bath. How to do sponge bath? For that you need lukewarm water. Put coconut oil on some cotton swabs, move them all over baby body. After that take some pieces of cotton wet with that lukewarm water. Do sponging means wipe body of baby with those wet cotton pieces. This is sponge bath.

9) Reasons why baby cry-

Their are lot of reasons why baby cry, which are-

  • Baby is hungry.
  • Baby wet the nappy with urine or would have done potty.
  • Baby may be suffering from colic.
  • Baby may have fever.
  • Some baby keep on crying. They start crying when you sit holding them or put them on bed. They stop crying only when you hold them in lap and keep moving. That kind of baby suffer from severe heart disease.
10) Make baby wear cotton clothes and don’t over do diaper-

As told above, baby skin is very sensitive. It can’t bear other fabric than cotton. Fabric other than cotton will make rashes on baby skin. That is reason why baby should be worn cotton clothes only. Don’t make baby wear diaper 24 hours. It will cause diaper rashes. 

Conclusion is that baby is very delicate. Their system is yet to be developed. It is not fully developed. Therefore you need to take care of everything related to baby. No matter what it is, whether its baby’s feed, bath, sleep or clothes, everything should be baby friendly.

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