Know Questions to Ask on a First Date

What questions can be asked on a first date?

Know Questions to Ask on a First Date
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First date is very important. But it comes with a lot of confusions. Want to know what should you ask on your first date? Here is the full solution of your problem.

Love is so beautiful!!! When you fall in love everything just look so good  ! You just start hearing music every where! 

But how to know more about the love of your life ? Simple answer is a 'date' ... 

Dating is exciting thing right? And if it is your first date then nothing comes in comparison. 

But first date always comes with a lot of confusions. What to do? What to ask?How to get ready? How to impress? etc. 

​​​​​Confusion in mind and butterflies in the stomach!!! 

So what should you ask on your first date??? 

Any idea??? 

Let's get some ideas.. 

Here are the questions you would like to ask on your first date :-) 

1 .About his/her life

Of course, you are on your first date . It's  not the time to rush !!!  You need to proceed slowly. 

First ask how he/she is doing in her life? How is it going ? 

With this you will get a good idea about his/her.  This will help you to handle the entire conversation. 

But don’t be like very formal, go easy OK. 

2.About his /her family 

Don't be like you are spying! Just ask casually about his/her family. Ask if he/she belongs to a joint family or a nuclear one. Who lives in his/her family. To whom he/she is most close(this will help you in impressing his/her family in future). 

You should also ask briefly how is his /her relation with his/her parents? 

3.Likes and dislikes 


here comes the main thing. You need to know how much you guys are compcompat to each other right ? Then it is the easiest way to know. 

Just ask about his/her likes and dislikes. 

What he/she likes to eat or doesn’t like at all? Which is his/her favorite holiday destination? Which is his/her favorite movie? Favorite actor.. Favorite sports etc. Just try to get all the information about his/her likings as well as dislikings. 

These things will help you to know hho much does your minds match. 

But if it's like two different poles then don't worry my friend because you should know opposite sides always attract each others ;-)

4. About future plans 

So now  you know your date a little bit more.. Now this is the time to ask about his/her future plans. 

Ask about what are the plans he/she has for future . This will help  you to unundersta his/her perspective towards life. 

You will also get an idea about how your future will be with thit person. 

And yes, don't forget to tell that you support him/her no matter what are the plans.

5.What he/she thinks about you? 

Yes, you are may be thinking that it would look like you are desperate but believe me you need to know the answer of this question! 

If you are thinking about spending your life or some more dates with this person then you should have an idea about what he/she thinks about you. 

So just ask how he/shs feels whilw spending time with you? What he/she likes about you ? 

And yes, please control your emotions while talking about these things because you should be clam at any cost :-)

6.Don't forget to ask her phone number or another date

​​​Warning!!! This step is only for boys.. 

So if you are sure that this is the queen of your hearh, then of course you will want to contact her in future. So yes, ask her phone number. 

Or just ask her out again. 

Don't sound desperate but ask something like, 'wow, you are such a nice person. Let's meet again /let's hang out sometime again. Can I get your number?'. 

Now the response is entirely  on your luck :-P

And girls don't worry let your partner /date ask you. Don't ask first.. 

So these were the questions that you should ask on your first date. 

Now let's know those questions which you should not ask at any circumstances

1.dont ever ask about his /her earnings 

2.dont you dare to ask his /her age. You can ask about qualification but only in a decent manner. 

3 . you should not ask any personal question about him/her. Let him/her allow some time. 

4.dont ask any question that can hurt. Like about family, bad past etc. 

5.dont ask any vulgar question. Always remember respect is the most important thing. 

So I think now you are prepared to make your first date awesome.

What are you waiting for?

Go get ready :-)

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