46 Questions to Ask A Girl To Know Her

Questions to Ask a Girl to Get to Know Her

46 Questions to Ask A Girl To Know Her
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Is there any girl whom you want to know at some personal level. Obviously many of you! But most of you might be confused about how to know much about a girl. So get rid of all those old small talk questions and read my underlying article to get some idea of really good questions that you can ask a girl to know her well.

Questions to Ask A Girl To Know Her

Men are always interested in knowing a girl as much as they can. So in order to help you out and every single man who is not able to break through his shyness barrier here i am with my another post. This will definitely help you to connect to your lady love to bring her inside lady out. Being a girl I would suggest all the men out there to be bold while taking to a girl as this would leave a positive impact on her. Therefore in order to continue your chats with the girl you admire, here I have clubbed an interesting collection of questions that you can use to know a girl well and make this interesting conversation never-ending!  These questions are going to prove as shortcuts to know a girl well..Enjoy reading…

Here are the list of questions to ask a girl to know her better…

  1. What kind of people you like in your life?
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. What is your idea about LOVE? Do you believe in soul mates?
  4. Which is your favorite holiday spot? Have you ever been there before?
  5. What is your opinion about Live in relationships?
  6. Which is your favorite dish?
  7. In order to change one of your habits, what would you like to change in yourself?
  8. How easily you trust people? 
  9. Love or arrange marriage? How important is parenthood to you?
  10. What’s about your aim of life? How passionate you are regarding it?
  11. Whom do you love the most in your life?
  12. Who you are closest to in your family? Mom or Dad?
  13. DO you love receiving compliments or hate it?
  14. Which is the best compliment according to you, you have ever got?
  15. Which qualities do you admire to have in your life partner? Describe any three of them..
  16. Single or committed?
  17. What would you prefer? Infinite money or love?
  18. The list of things that you want to achieve in your life before you die.
  19. What is your ideal dream date and with whom?
  20. What is the best advice that someone has ever given to you?
  21. Have you ever felt embarrassed because of your dress in public?
  22. How important is using social networking sites in your life?
  23. What are your hobbies and how keen you are regarding them?
  24. Have you ever been in love? If yes, in how many relationships you have been earlier.
  25. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  26. What is the most attractive thing that you find in your opposite sex?
  27. Is there anything that you have always wanted to do but have not done till date?
  28. Do you keep secrets? If yes, from whom?
  29. Love or money? If money, in which manner it is important to you?
  30. Have you regretted for anything wrong done by you in your life?
  31. What’s your favorite movie?
  32. What kind of music you listen the most?
  33. What is the best part of relationship for you?
  34. Have you ever expected us to have kids?
  35. What bothers you the most in this world?
  36. Do you edit your pictures before posting them on social networking sites?
  37. Do you sometimes find your face horrible without makeup?
  38. Have you ever taken screenshot of the texts of your love and dear ones.
  39. Which emoji you use the most while using social networking sites?
  40. Have you ever kissed someone of your opposite sex?
  41. Have you ever dumped any guy?
  42. Which was the first thing that attracted you towards me?
  43. How do you find our relationship different from other couples.
  44. The first day since you are talking, what do you think our relationship has been? Stronger or weaker?
  45. Anything that you want me to do with you?
  46. What according to you is intimacy?
  47. Do you check oftenly that how many people have checked our Instagram stories?
  48. If you are asked to drink any other beverage except water, what would you prefer?
  49. What do you want to have as your first kid- baby boy or a baby girl?
  50. What is the best and the worst part that you find in your personality?
  51. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  52. What is your opinion behind sharing passwords of your social networking sites with your boyfriends?

So this was a small manual of questions that you can ask a girl to know her well. Your questions can vary on the basis of the relationship that you have with the girl. So make her feel comfortable and ask her these questions. But remember don’t let her feel as if she is under police investigation..Lol..

Happy reading!

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