Soul Mates: Do They Really Exist?

Soul mates are more than Friends, and their Relationship is not based on Basic Instincts

Soul Mates: Do They Really Exist?
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In a world, where physical pleasures and instant gratification is the rule, is there still a possibility of finding your soul mates who know you, understand you and care about you without lust or passion? ... Some one who shares a special relationship, not between the mortal bodies, but between the immortal souls... Do soul mates really exists in this world?

I don't anything about spirituality, but I know this much. There are people whose presence touches your heart, and there are others who don't mean a thing. With some people, you don't need to say anything, they understand what you want to say and you know that they understand that, because you also know what they want and they know that too.

A Special Relationship

Human relationships are our most precious possessions, apart from our health. Our families usually give us our most valuable relationships, a fact that remains true, even in this age when family is gradually being substituted by everything else. While the social networks connect us with hundreds or even thousands of other users, they are not usually relationships. In fact, in this age of general prosperity, especially in fast city life, the biggest casualty, perhaps are our relationships.

However, even in this age, there are times we immediately strike a chord with someone.

It is not alarming to know that you are so confortable with someone. It is actually soothing, as if you always knew and expected that. It is something strange, and yet, it comes most naturally. When that happens, you should know that you have met your soul mate.

Love at First Sight: A case of finding your Soulmate?

Love at first sight can also happen only when the two souls share something intensely.  It is not hormones, and it is not sex. It is certainly not physical charm or even beauty that leads to love at first sight. Body and desire lead to lust, and even erotica, but love is not that. It is a deep feeling somewhere deep inside which you know but cannot describe. It is much more intense than anything physical, and that is the reason we call other person the soul mate.

Unlike passion, when you meet your soul mate, you don't feel anxious, but at harmony with your own self. You don't feel ecstatic, you feel peaceful, as never before. And you don't just feel out of this world, but as if this world very much belongs to you. If there is one thing that soul mates do to you, it is to take away all your loneliness. Suddenly you belong! It is not just the importance that you get. Actually you may get none. It is the importance that you feel, that makes your life worthwhile.

Not unless You Meet One!

To know that soul mates exist, you need to have found one, and before you confuse it with some kind of eternal love, let me warn you. Your soul mate could be a person whom you don’t actually love, in the sense we use the word in common parlance. One’s relationship with a soul mate can be a very romantic one, but it can also be a very distant one too – at least from the outside.

It is possible that your relationship with that person is something only the two of you can experience and understand, with no gestures or possible indications of intimacy ever been communicated in the whole life. It may sound weird, but it is true. Soul mates are not always physical lovers. They need not be even too intimate. But they touch your soul the way nobody else can ever do, and when that happens, your soul finds company.

Soul mates do exist .... you will know only when you happen to find one!

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