Warning Signs/signals of an Obsessive Girlfriend

If you are fell in love with obsessive girlfriend, sooner you leave her better it is. See why?

If you are fell in love with obsessive girlfriend, sooner you leave her better it is. See why?

Those who have seen the movie Raaj know how the actress of the film behaves aggressively, possessively and obsessively towards his boyfriend the hero of he film mar Aditya In a fit of rage she has been depicted as throwing stones at her boyfriend to kill him to death. It is very difficult to live with a possessive girlfriend. Sooner you leave her the better it is .such a girl can spoil the precious life of her boyfriend. The girlfriend who constantly demands your attention and affection is obsessive. She can not live without you even for a minute.

If you are not intelligent enough and have no knowledge of psychology, than you many think her that how deeply and passionately and sincerely she loves you. She can not live even for a short time without you. Innocently you think that how she is attached to you and you feel proud of her romantic and passionate behavior. But this is only one side of the coin. His real aggressive, possessive, suspicious and above all jealous self is hidden from your eyes. From your romantic spectacles you can not see her true self but will be revealed to you only later on when it will be too late to break the relationship. How to r recognize the real self of such a girl friend? There will be occasional show of some signs and signals which you should observer keenly in her behavior.
Too much attention and attachment
If she demands too much, I will say extreme care and attention from your side than you should be very conscious of her behavior. You should start observing her more like a spectator than an involved lover. If you keep very strong emotional and passionate feelings about her, than perhaps you will fail to observe the obsessive ness in her b e savior. First thing is be involved but at the same time be remain dispassionate. To be dispassionate in love affair is great quality really for the relationship to live logger. Always be aware of her possessiveness towards you. Suppose you fix rendezvous with her and perchance you become a little bit late one day. She will burst into passion with passion blaming you and your b behavior. She may also threat you that in future she will not tolerate it on your part. These are the preliminary seeds of her aggressiveness that will transform into full fledged plant of fury and frenzy one day.
Sometimes these girls are very romantic and cunning as well. She will always try to show you how affectionately she loves you. Even she may tell you that he does not love her as passionately as she does. This is very common utterance from the lips of such type of possessive girl friends. She will never allow you to talk with other girls and if you talk she will resent it sometimes.
Such a girlfriend has very subdued ego. In a fit of passion of love these damsels seem tobe totally filled with love for you. They will surrender themselves completely in your hands or lap. They will kiss you endlessly and fondle in every possible way. How passionate and emotional these girls are one can not imagine. But this exaggerated enthusiasm and romanticism is maneuver to satisfy their inner libido and surge and turmoil in their sexual feelings they will exhibit their sexual feelings openly. But when this subdued ego or sublimated ego will burst into rage and frenzy? You will know later on in your relationship when you will be totally disillusioned. Her power full enthusiasm actually is her misguided and compensated behavior.
If a girl friend is constantly spending her time with you with little or no regard for her other domestic or studies responsibilities she may be possessive.After the initial response from your side she will start dominating you in every field of you life she will surely dominate you in romantic and sexual relationship she can not control her feelings. Actually she is boiling inside all the time with energy and vigor she is only happy and contended when she finds the outlet for her inner energy. Her long conversations with you are also in a way outlet to release her pent up feelings if you you’re your girlfriend constantly focusing on you and she demands same attention from your side than she may be obsessive.


Observe for repetitive acts in her life when she is with you .Repetitive acts are sure shot signs of obsessive personality. If she repeatedly says how” I love you, how I love, you how I love you” or repeats you are mine only , you are mine only, you are mine ,only I born for you and you b born for me I born for you and I born for you” than she is hundred percent obsessive. Her stereo type and resistive behavior is great indication of her being obsessive. . This also shows the possessive attitude of her life towards you. If she goes on calling you on phone endlessly day and night and repeatedly say I can not live without you” or is engaged in text messages with you repeatedly asking you where you are?, what you are doing ?and who you are with, you? This is also a clear cut indication of her obsessive nature. Observe her repetitive acts and talks carefully

Self worth

These girls are extra conscious of their self worth. They have an over estimation of their self worth. They suffer from deep sense of inferiority complex. Out worldly they pose tobe superior. In the mind of their minds they feel insecure and inferior. Their seeming superiority complex is all compensation for their inner hollowness. If they are wounded in their psyche by refusal or disapproval they suffer intensely from wounded pride and become victims of depression easily.


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