Developmental milestones: Expand your knowledge of caring your child

Developmental milestones: Expand your knowledge of caring your child
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They say that when a baby is born, the parents consider themselves very lucky and they compare their luck to a huge blessing somewhat like an angel appeared in the family.

Babies are truly blessings that all of us should be thankful for. They are also humans who grow and develop in all aspects of life. While still very young, they may not know what’s going on in the world and in our homes but they need the proper care to grow as a healthy individual. If we are neglecting their needs and even their wants and if we do not recognize such, what will we expect if they grow?

For starting parents and those seeking support on how to properly care for your children, here are some concepts to give you an idea and expand your knowledge of taking care of your baby.

Developmental milestones

Developmental milestones means the expected abilities of babies to do emotionally, physically and mentally starting from the time of birth up to six years old.

There are many milestones but here are the things you need to expect as your baby grows in months.

2 months old – Your baby knows how to smile even in front of strangers. Some call this “social smile.”

6 months old – Check the gums of your baby as the first eruption of teeth begins. The child’s weight also doubled from the time of birth.

7 months old – Your baby tries to crawl in his/her crib.

8 months old – Your baby knows how to grasp objects suited in his/her hand.

Experts call this ‘Palmar grasp.’

9 months old - A time to put your baby on a wide-spaced and safe floor as he/she tries to crawl.

10 months old – Prepare to hear for your baby’s first word. It may be ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ or other easily pronounced words.

12 months old – You have triple-celebration because aside from your baby’s first birthday, it also gives you cheer when you see him/her standing. His/her weight also triples which is an indication that he/she is healthy.

15 months old – Properly assist your baby at this age because he/she can walk alone and goes up the stairs.

2 years old- Make a time again for a good celebration aside from your child’s second birthday. This age gives him/her the ability to handle a spoon well.

3 years old – A time to give him/her a tricycle gift because he/she knows how to ride on it.

4 years old- The child starts to grow in height. Just multiply his birth height to two and that is the usual height of children when they reach the age of 4.

5- 6years old – Your child is learning the ability of balance and coordination so he/ she may request you for a bicycle. Your child’s safety may not be a worry at all so as long as you are there to guide him/her. 

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