Are The Children Being Left Behind?

Reading and math skills are hitting lower levels again... what are we doing about it?

Are The Children Being Left Behind?
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Math and reading skills are important for a number of reasons. These skills are used in everyday life. Unfortunately, the skill levels in children are becoming lower while school administrative systems look on. Are we doing what we can to help our children gain these skills or are they being left behind?

It's astounding how many children are graduating without even the basics of math and reading skills. These skills are essential in everyday life. They are needed for obtaining work, including the least wanted minimum wage jobs. 

Decades ago, it was expected that many people couldn't read, especially the women. The world was different then. Many people worked in trades such as fishing and hunting or carpentry. They worked more with their hands.

Now, there are more service jobs where reading and math skills are essential. With these skills being so necessary, one would think that children would be graduating with at least the basics if not more.

Yes, many children do finish school with these skills. However, there are higher numbers graduating without them now than there were a decade ago. This is not an acceptable trend.

School administrations are often forced to push these children ahead through the grades. They don't get the funding to keep them back or offer them additional tutoring. Parents can't always afford to pay tutors when the school can't offer it but there are other solutions.

Parents who are able to read may need to make the time to help their children. Sometimes it only takes an extra half an hour each day of helping a child through some reading material. It can also help if the child is reading something they are interested in. This can offer extra motivation.

Math is something that often takes extra effort. Peer tutoring programs are often successful. If a school doesn't have one, parents may be able to create one. These programs are simply kids helping kids. The tutors have some volunteer work for the resume and the children receiving the tutoring get the help they need. The benefits work both ways.

Reading and math aren't the only subjects that may require extra help. These are only two examples. It is important that the kids receive the assistance needed so that they can better succeed in life. 

It is up to us to take action. Parents, teachers, and children alike can make a difference with a bit of effort. We can't afford for the kids to be left behind because they are the future.

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A few years ago, teachers taught to educate the children with proper knowledge and a good foundation. Nowadays, education has become a moneymaking racket. Teachers are teaching for money as children are obsessed about high marks for admissions in better colleges, while parents are focussed on competing with other people's children.


Yes that's right! I also wrote and article about this! Thanks for spreading the word. Times have changed and Math together with great communication skills and ability to give presentations has become the number one skill required to find good paying jobs today. Our world has become more about the technical aspects where whether you are applying to jobs where you need to create business models, or code software or even just do some quick number crunching for recruiting gigs, math has become the winning ticket to a successful career and higher wages. Having said that math and being good at it is not something a person can suddenly do when they are 18 or older and starting out their careers. It is something that needs to be drilled into the young minds of children as part of fun learning games as young as 2 years of age. Learning must start at home with good parenting and you don't need to be a math major or a genius to kick start a child's interest and mathematical abilities. All it takes is a little patience and the will to spend some quality time with your child and forsake your iPhone and other distractions helping your child open their mind to a skill that will improve their lives no matter what they end up choosing to be as an adult.


Thanks so much for your comment. I completely agree. We are too caught up in these things like technology. While tech has its advantages, we have let it take over and the children, as well as ourselves, are losing out. Thanks again and I'm glad there are others who are concerned about this.