5 Reasons You are Failing at Online Dating

Top 5 reasons why you're not succeeding in online dating game

While many people are finding their soul mates online, others are having a hard time. If you have been using these sites for a while and you haven't gone out on a single date, here are some of the reasons why this is so:

The majority (59%) of the people who use online dating agree that it’s a terrific way to meet new people and of those who enroll, 75% are women. That’s not so shocking, is it? Of the people who use dating sites, most didn’t give it a second thought at one time or another. In fact, they said they did not need such services, but soon, found themselves lurking the profiles pictures.

Maybe at the suggestion of a friend who is successful at online dating that these people are now taking part in the craze of dating online or even speed dating. Although popular sites such as Match or Flirt report marriages, not everyone can share their success story. Would you like to know why your dating profile is failing? Keep reading and you’ll find out exactly why they aren’t performing well.

 It’s not you – it’s me

Statistically speaking, a third of online daters end in marriages, so scientifically matching people together does work, but it’s only a small number compared to the people who register.

The surprising truth of the matter is that you and your profile are missing some vital components. Let’s look at what could be preventing you from finding a compatible partner.

  1. You don’t shop around

Desperation is not attractive.

The fact that you’ll get with anyone that’s has two legs and a breast isn’t saying a lot about your character or values. If you settle for anyone, you are bound to be left holding your balls.

      2. There’s no sense of competition

The adage is true – men like to compete. Online dating prevents the man from seeing who’s she’s talking to on a regular basis or more to the point, who his competition is. Knowing this, he also knows the woman can’t see who he’s messaging.

      3. That’s not true and you know it

Men tell lies and they especially tell them online, thinking they will never be found out. Some men are not honest individuals and will lie about their age, income, weight and height. Women know if you lie about those things, you will lie about anything.

      4. Men don’t ask for directions

Most men refuse help from others and while they fail at online dating, the reason could be in the profile. How you write the profile’s contents will determine if anyone will take interest in your profile or smile. Women don’t mind seeking expert advice however men are reluctant to take online dating advice.

     5. Go away and take your negative attitude with you

If there is one thing that will drive anyone away is a pessimistic attitude. A negative attitude will kill a desert cactus and is self-destructive. Having a good attitude or a positive outlook on life makes you desirable and attractive even if your profile picture is not. While misery loves company, it may not be the company you keep.

In Conclusion

Take advantage of online dating simply by participating honestly, accept the help of others and most of all, be yourself, whether you offbeat or upbeat. There’s somebody for everybody, or so they say. If you give up, you’ll never find the right one or if you lie about who you really are. Work on improving you before you expect so much of others and don’t settle for less than your perfect mate.

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