Questions to Ask a Girl to Know Her

How to Know a Girl Better. These Questions Could Help a lot.

Questions to Ask a Girl to Know Her
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Every other guy wants to know what a girl's heart holds so here are few questions which will help you to know her better.

​​​​​​Many times guys feel it is very difficult to understand what is going inside of a girl's head. They feel girls are very complicated and twisted but trust me we are not complicated as we seem to be. Sometimes itis just that guys ask questions which becomes a major let down in a conversation. You ask a girl out and you start the conversation with " how many relationships you have had ?" or "My ex still stalks me" so, guys please do not act like an idiot and focus on present not past. So here are some tips for you to ak a girl so that you can know her better. Good luck !!

  • Firstly ask her how was her day.

    If her day did not go well you do not expect her to answer you in a proper manner do get her an ice-cream , it always works. If she had a good day you can still get her an ice-cream, it will not harm anybody.
  • Hey !! Do not forget to ask her what is her favorite flavor. Little genuine gestures does wonders, trust me. 
  • Knowing about her favorite color is a good option , you can wear something of that color to make her feel good.
  • Ask her about her hobbies. It's always good to know what she likes to do in her leisure time. May be you can be a part of it.
  • Ask her about her family , you will get to know what is the importance of family in her life.
  • It's good to know about what is she doing at present. Working / studying ?
  • Ask her about her best friends and what are they doing, small information about them may come in handy to you in near future.
  • Ask her about her favorite movies and know which part she likes the most, I am sure you will see her eyes sparkle talking about it also you will know whether she is a hopeless romantic or not.
  • Ask her about her music interest. may be you will have somthing in common you never know. You might even love the same song. 
  • Almost every girls love flowers but ask her which one she loves the most not all girls love red roses. I guarantee you she will be impresssed. 
  • Ask her what she notices in a guy some girls like to notice shoes before your hair. Remember that :)
  • It's always good to know what  she likes to eat and where,  so you can plan the next date in such a way that she will start falling for you :)
  • Ask her about her favorite childhood memory, it will help you know her better. You can share your memories with her too.
  • It's nice to know which drink she prefers. So ask her. Don't overstress yourself.
  • Some girls loves her tea more than coffee, it would make her feel good if you ask her about it.
  •  Do not bring her past rather ask her about her future plans. You will get to know her better.
  • Ask her what does she want to talk about and listen to what she has to say and I promise when it is your turn to talk she will listen to you as well.
  • Ask her what does she feel about travelling if you love to travel then it is all sorted, plan a trip together.
  • When you think that the conversation is getting boring then ask her about her favorite TV show you can even watch them together. It is a win-win situation.

Remember it is not always about you, knowing someone better and doing some good things for the other person will always make a relationship stronger and better. I told you girls are not complicated you will have to know them to understand them before you become all judgemental and rude. Don't end up asking them wrong questions and ruining their mood. If you treat her like she deserves the world she will treat you in a same manner. Lastly , let her ask you questions , let her know how you feel. Wait for your turn to ask questions, Be patient and calm with her , she will be the reflection of you.

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