15 Reasons Why Partners Break Up in a Relationship

Important Factors Responsible for Relationship Break Up

15 Reasons Why Partners Break Up in a Relationship
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There are a number of reasons why people in a relationship all of a sudden break up. A partner may have a good reason or an absurd one as to why he/she ended the relationship. This article will look at the major reasons partners break up.

People break up for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons that compel partners to terminate their relationships are justified while for others, the reasons are baseless.

It is very important to spare some time to ponder why your relationship with your ex didn't survive. This will arm you with knowledge as to whether it is a wise choice to get back with your ex, or forget the failed relationship (and your ex) and move on with your life. Many people don't take time to analyze the reasons, both major and minor, that led to the demise of their relationship. In turn, when they engage in another relationship or reunite with their ex, the relationship doesn't survive. It breaks up.

Factors Responsible for Realtionship Breakup

a) Financial Gains/Difficulties

One of the main reasons why people engage in relationships is for financial gains.

They hope to become better off  financially than they were before. They expect their financial life to change dramatically.

When the relationship is faced with financial difficulties, they find it hard to stay in the relationship.

b) Inability to Solve Problems

There isn't any perfect relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs.

Many relationships fail because the partners are unable to solve the problems that arise in the relationship. Arguments are healthy. The negativity arises when they become frequent, and what is being argued about is the same issue, the same problem.

In the long run, one of the partners or both of them decide to breakup because they cannot keep up with the neverending arguments.

c) Different Expectations

Even though a relationship is an institution, it is composed of individuals. The individuals have different expectations as to what they expect in a relationship, and if the relationship will interfere or boost their longterm goals. For instance, if one partner wants to pursue Masters in Education, will the relationship hinder her from pursuing the degree?

It is paramount that early on in the relationship, the partners need to address what each expect from each other and how to help each other in fulfilling one's goals or dreams.

d) Trust Issues

It is one of the fundamental components in a relationship. If there is no trust in the relationship, the relationship won't survive for long. It's better off dead than alive.

The seed of distrust is sown in a relationship when one partner begins to behave differently than the norm. A relationship must have consistency. If the consistency lacks then the continuity of the relationship will be interfered with.

How a partner or both partners address trust issues determines the durability of the relationship.

e) Compatibility Issue

It is next to impossible for a relationship to survive if the two partners are incompatible. Compatibility is the Hallmark of a relationship.

If two partners don't share a lot in common, there is no way their relationship will survive to the end. This is not to say, a partner should demand his other significant to behave in a certain way or do things differently.

Compatibility is how you regard each other, how you feel for each other, the things you would love doing together. It doesn't mean because your partner doesn't like football, you're not compatible.

Every person has his/her own personal interests. A person shouldn't strive to look for a partner who shares his likes. It's hard to come across a person who shares all the things or activities you like.

Matchmaking doesn't equal compatibility. It is how the two partners view the relationship, the direction they want their relationship to head to, and how they can help each other to fulfill both their personal and relationship goals that define compatibility.

How you relate to each other in a relationship matters a lot. That is the true essence of compatibility.

Relationships thrive when two people share companionship and activities.

f) Lack of Satisfaction in the Bedroom

Sex has been magnified to an extent it's termed as the cornerstone of a relationship. It isn't. In fact several studies have shown in the top five list that makes a relationship healthy and strong, sex isn't among the top five.

Lack of satisfaction on bed leads many partners to walk out of the relationship. They feel sex is the most integral element in a relationship. It is no wonder many relationships lead to break up because the partners were motivated by sex in engaging in the relationship.

Sex doesn't cement a relationship. It satisfies physically, it never satisfies emotionally. It is far from the truth sex brings people together. It is a secondary need, never a primary need.

This is the reason why in the religion books and in the olden days, sex was held in high esteem - sacred. It was meant for the married people because it cements their union that they're an institution.

g) Misplaced Ideas about Love

Throughout the years, people have tried to define love but to no avail. Many books have been written about love but as a humanity, we have never grasped the true essence of love. Is it a feeling or a force?

In relationships, partners tend to equate different things as equalling love. It is love that enable a relationship to remain healthy and strong. It is love that defines a relationship.

Love grows from feelings. It takes time for love to mature. It doesn't grow instantly. A stable relationship is a relationship whereby the partners love each other by trying to help each other, in the relationship and in aiding each other relaize his/her full potential in the relationship and outside the relationship.

No love. No relationship. Period. Nothing more.

h) The Feelings Died

As humans we form relationship with other people because of how we feel for them. It is impossible to love someone whom you don't have feelings for. Even if you formed a relationship with that person, you aren't engaging in a relationship with that person. Call it something else but it isn't a relationship.

If a partner's feelings for the other person ebbs way, it is an indicator the relationship is nearing its end. There are many factors that contribute to a person's feeling for the other person to die. Lack of trust, bad sex, money issues, seeing someone else, his personal goals are being interfered with the relationship, and so on.

i) Lack of Respect

Another important element in a relationship. If respect lacks in a relationship, the relationship won't see the light of the day. How partners view each other, how they treat each other, how they address various issues that affect the relationship directly and indirectly determine how much the partners respect each other.

Love can never thrive in an environment that lacks respect. Respect is an integral component in any relationship. It helps partners appreciate each other, value each other's boundaries (freedom) and point-of-view.

j) Demanding

The problem with a partner being demanding is that she is never satisfied in the relationship until what she wants or her needs are met. If they are not met, she won't be happy. In the end, she will opt out of the relationship because her needs are not met on a daily basis.

In essence the partner is selfish. By continuously demanding, the partner is pushing the other one to the wall. In the end, the other partner calls the shot because he cannot endure the neverending demands.

k) Jealousy

A jealous partner is always possessive. In addition, it signifies the partner is controlling. Jealousy is not bad if used in small doses however jealousy which has gone overboard is negative in nature.

Your partner isn't a slave nor is he/she a robot. Freedom needs to exist in relationships whereby your partner should not be restricted to smile or talk with people of opposite sex. You don't need to always guard your partner. Your partner is mature; he/she needs to know when not to cross the border- differentiating facts from fiction.

l) Raging Waves

Every relationship undergoes various challenges or hardships. It is part of life. You cannot avoid it nor run away from it. It doesn't mean relationships will always be faced with challenges.

Some partners run away from relationships when they realize they cannot handle the challenges. Instead of finding appropriate ways of dealing with the problems that arise in the relationships, they leave the relationships as a way of escaping from facing/dealing with the problems.

m) Lack of Fulfillment

Some people engage in relationships expecting their needs to be fulfilled. If their needs are not fulfilled, they leave their partner for another person. For instance, a lady engages in a relationship with another person in order to have a baby. If the person cannot aid the woman in getting a baby (natural method) then the lady leaves the man for another one who can make it possible.

n) Misplaced Ideas

Lastly, some people have misconceived ideas what constitutes a relationship. Some engage in relationships blindly only to realize later relationships are not what they thought it should be. Relationships are fun and enjoyable. Nonetheless, relationships are complex because there is much to consider before you decide to engage in it. It ain't a roller-coaster all the time.

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