How guilt complex is evolved in child's innocent psyche?

How guilt complex is evolved in child's innocent psyche?
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The pangs of guilt complex are very killing, torturing and pinching. Medicines are no solution to resolve the mental complex. It could only be resolved by psycho-therapy with active participation of the patient. Shame and guilt are two dominant accompanying feelings of guilt complex.

The birth of guilt complex is dated back to bitter childhood experiences. The child mind is so simple, naïve, that immature that it can not understand the complexity of human emotions and behaviors. So it is totally confused and entangled to solve the problem and seek its solution of its own.  It is very devastating experience for him. The idea of doing something wrong or having done something “wrong” tortures his psyche constantly.


There is hidden inner innocent child in every adult personality. Its behavior is spontaneous and it is very innocent. Hunger and thirst are his main drives like the adult child.

It does their gratification instantly. But the drive of sex is not fully developed yet. He has no experience of it like hunger and thirst drive. This drive is inherent in his psyche. After huger and thirst this is the mot gorgeous drive of human adult life. The child’s instinctual behavior plays key role in the development of complexes. Hunger thirst and sex are three big biological drives of human mind and behavior.



When two dissimilar, opposing and contradictory emotions of equal magnitude come in direct clash and contradiction with eachotheer the complex is evolved. The one should be of innocent type. The first emotion is born out of the irresistible urge for sex called id by Sigmund Freud and its repression by the counter feeling of equal magnitude but opposition in direction of some ethical and religious nature.  The mind becomes a battle ground for supremacy. These feelings fight and struggle with eachotheer for supremacy. There is constant tug of war or attrition in mind. This constant struggle within human mind causes psychosis of mind. The mind becomes totally perplexed and confused. The opposing emotions become so entangled that it is very difficult to separate the emotions. These are entwined on eachotheer like two copulating snakes. The resultant of opposing forces or emotions causes anxiety in the mind of the subject.


Sex is not only a biological drive but it is curious and fascinating also. Human mind is fascinated and enticed by this feeling. It causes seduction and enticement of human mind. The sex is the most powerful emotion or feeling of human mind. The child mind is very curious to know about this feeling and he asks questions regarding this curiosity of sex in his mind. The parents instead of giving accurate information and knowledge about the curiosity of child’s innocent mind try to distract the mind and thus regressing the most powerful feeling of child. The distraction leads to regression of feeling and regression further causes struggle and conflict in the innocent mind. Thus a deep psychosis is produced paralyzing the child psyche in to guilt complex in which she starts treating herself/ himself as inferior or filthy. His personality or self starts splitting or dividing itself into two parts; one is leveling the other part as “inferior and dirty”.   The innocent mind of child thinks that by asking such questions related to prohibited subject perhaps he or she had committed something wrong or what he was asking is not in conformity with the established ethical and religious standards of society. This feeling of committing crime or wrong is at the base of the creation of guilt complex in the child psyche.



 In psychological terms complex is an important group of unconscious associations with contrasting and conflicting ideas, conflicting belief patterns entangled together having their own splinter personalities and identities clashing and fighting with eachotheer. The strong unconscious impulse lied behind these associations and conflicts is the innocent sexual urge that makes it known by various associations of the patient and goes on appearing in disguised forms. The complex may be equated to a knot of hairs entangled together. Complex is knot or nod of the unconscious that disturbs the behavior of the person abundantly and makes him or her very abnormal. The suppression and regression of feelings once nourished by innocent mind of child make their vent in anger, self inflicting injury or anger targeted at others and smashing things.


 The person suffering from guilt becomes furious at times with delirious rage shouting and crying smashing things of household and by throwing things at lookers on. The guilty complex draws its energy from the conscious ego that goes on beating and killing the inner child leveling it as naughty, dirty, crimeful, and mischievous. The dirty and wrongful ego of self is projected on others making false accusation on others. One dominant feeling of his/her conduct and behavior is that it looks very “strange and odd” to him. If you say some word like “sex “in front of her it looks so “strange and squeezing” to him/her that she casts down her eyes or closes her eyes. She starts having out of touch with reality.  





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