A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Fun Day

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
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Activities with family and friends are always a joyful experience, specially outings on a nice summer day.

It has been a beautiful sunny day. With so much rain this spring, a sunny day is something to appreciate. As luck would have it, we had sunny skies all day and we've been out to enjoy it before the rain starts again. A friend came by this morning and we went stretching out our legs and walking, Of course, we caught up on all the latest gossip as we walked. Then on a shopping spree, for us, that is. We made the rounds of The Dollar Tree and our favorite Thrift Store.

We picked up cleaning supplies and birthday cards at Dollar tree, then went to the thrift store where we had a ball looking at furniture and thinking about ways we could buff it up and make it more beautiful.

Truth to tell, neither of us has room for more furniture in our homes. We don't need furniture. We have too much as it is, but we enjoy looking for anything special. We like to look and think about all the ways furniture can be varnished or painted and prettied up. Believe me, we have done it and come up with some beautiful pieces that you cannot find in retail stores for any price. Most furniture found in Thrift Stores are built to last a lifetime. I have furniture that will never wear out. Furniture isn't built to last today. It's all about money. Manufactures want us to wear it out and buy more. Anyway, we had an enjoyable day being out and about. Now I'm about ready to close it out for the day. It was a long enjoyable dayd but and I have ice cream in the freezer that's calling my name. I hope all of you enjoyed your day just as much as we did. 

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Wow!What a article!I loved it!❤️❤️


Thank you ladies, I appreciate your comments.


A simple,nice,and enjoyable story. Thanks for sharing such a nice story. Your way of describing things or situations is very realistic and touchy. Looking forward to read more.


Nice narration!!