Flirty Questions to Ask a Boy You Like

Ask a guy flirty questions and have him thinking of you

Flirty Questions to Ask a Boy You Like
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Some flirty but interesting questions you can ask a guy you have a crush on

If you landed on this blog, I’m guessing there’s a guy you’re really into and you want him to like you back. Flirting is not easy, especially if you do not know what to ask exactly. When speaking to a boy you like you want to ask the right questions and tell him you are into him, but in a subtle way..

It can be challenging when you like a boy. You desire to chat with him but you are nervous and feel scared of saying the wrong things, or having a boring conversation. Without a doubt, expressing your interest in your crush can be nerve wrecking. 

To make the journey easier, you can start a flirty conversation with the boy. In this article, we give you some examples of flirty questions to ask a boy you like.

I hope they will help you with your crush.

If the boy you are interested in responds kindly to your gestures then you have won his heart, if he doesn’t don’t worry, there are many fish left in the sea.

Flirty questions to ask a boy you like

Do you work out?
This question tells the boy that you have been observing him and you think he looks great.

Are you currently dating?
By asking this, you are making it obvious to him that you would like to be more than just friends. It is straightforward and some guys like that.

What kind of girl are you into?
Now you can know if you are his type or not.

Am I your type?
Here, you will get to know whether he is worth pursuing or not.

How can a handsome guy like you be single?
Clearly, you are telling the guy that you think he’s pretty cool and are eager to remove him from the singles list.

Do you have a date to the dance/event of any kind?
Here, you are obviously asking him out. He may say yes or no.

How do you feel about a girl asking a boy out?
In this question, you are pretty much telling him you will make the first move on him. He can either let you or turn you down if he does not feel the same way.

Do you think I look sexy?
Dare to ask him this and see his reaction.

Would you like to go out on a date with me?
Ask him out already and see what he says instead of beating around the bush.

Are you shy around me?
If the answer is yes, he will blush and you will know he sort of feels the same way about you.

What is the ideal relationship according to you?
By asking him this, you get to know if you share the same ideals on romantic relationships.

What turns you on?
This is a very straightforward question that relates to sex. See how the guy reacts.

What turns you off?
Having knowledge of what turns the guy off will help you know how to act around him.

Do you ever think of me when we are apart?
This is a great way to make him flatter you.

Do you feel attracted to me?
You can go straight to the point and ask him if he fancies you. 

How do you like to be kissed?
You are daring to know what he likes most and suggesting you want to kiss him.

Have you ever had a dream about me?
Given that he has had dreams about you then you know that he probably thinks about you often.

Do you know what a woman needs in a relationship?
This may be a tricky question for the guy to answer, but see how he responds. 

Are you into dirty talk?
The guy’s response to your intimate question will open the way to a really amusing chat between the two of you.

How did you get to be so handsome?
This is definitely a super flirtatious way to make a guy smile.

Those are just flirty questions you can ask a guy you’re into. If he responds the way you want, then you know that he likes you too. On the other hand, if he sort of turns you down, don’t feel offended but just walk away before it gets worse. 

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