Ways to get your stuff back after a Breakup

You’ve been dumped. Before you move on with your cloud of memories there’s one important thing you’ve got to do. Get your stuff back! Yeah all your items you’ve left at your partners place deserve to be with you. This article reveals bare facts about ways to get your stuff back after a breakup.

Getting over a breakup isn’t easy. No matter how hard you try, flashbacks of the past linger in dark corners of the mind. You pack your bags and move out. All that consolation from friends does not heal wounds. You cannot stop the tears from flowing down your cheeks when visuals of the past come alive. You don’t feel like doing anything.

However, the only way to get over a breakup is by starting life afresh. Before you let the sun shine down on you, you’ve got to rain over your ex. No, you don’t have to get back at your partner by unleashing all the venom that has accumulated in your mind, all you’ve got to do is go with a smile and ask for your stuff.

Yes, after a breakup getting back your items and the expensive gifts you’ve given your partner during your relationship makes perfect sense. Saying so, I certainly do not imply you go to your partner’s apartment and start digging around for items that belong to you. You may be quick to point out it is uncouth to ask for gifts you’ve given to your ex during your courtship. To get the record straight we’re not talking cheap gifts, we’re talking, Ferrari, Lamborghini…you get the picture….expensive gifts.  Do not go immediately to claim your items. Give it some time. First make a list of all the items you want back. This way you have a clear perspective of what you need to pick up when you go to your partners apartment. Do not just barge in and ask for your stuff. There are different ways to approach by which you can get your stuff back after a breakup.

Ways to Get Back your stuff after a Breakup

Go and pick up the things yourself

The best way is to go and pick up your stuff yourself. You may not want to face your partner ever again. But facing your ex after a breakup does help get over heartache. Just don’t go to and start screaming and demanding your stuff back, you won’t get a thing. Instead wear a smile (even if it means a cleverly disguised fake) and be polite in your approach. Try and engage in a conversation before you get straight to the point. It’s makes situations that much easier.

Mail your ex a list of the stuff you want

If you do not want to face your ex, this is an approach commonly used. You mail a list of things that belong to you. Also, highlight expensive gifts you’ve given your ex in the text of your mail. Do not use a harsh tone in the mail you send to your ex. Let the mail convey clearly what you intend to, the right message. Don’t give a detailed explanation of why you want the stuff you’ve mentioned in the list. Keep it short and simple. Avoid complexities. Your ex may courier the stuff at the address you’ve mentioned, or you could send a friend to pick up your stuff.

Get the help of a common friend to get back your belongings

Again, if you cannot see eye to eye with your ex after a breakup, this is a sensible approach. Ask your common friend to help you out. Give your friend a list items and also a list of expensive gifts you want back from your ex. You may not realize it but friends are a big help when you go through a breakup. Friends effectively work as the bridge of communication between you and your ex.

What if your ex refuses to give back items you own?

The above happens quite frequently after a breakup. This usually happens when you want expensive gifts you’ve given your ex during your courtship…back. Such a situation can be pretty awkward to deal with. It depends how far you want to go with this. If the gifts involved are expensive and your ex is refusing to part with them, use every trick in the book to get them back. If your ex is yet unwilling to let go of the expensive gifts, seek legal action.

After a breakup, do not make the mistake of destroying your ex’s gifts or belongings. After the end of a relationship most individuals have a tendency to break or burn gifts that were given by their lovers during courtship. You can find self in an embarrassing position when your ex lands up at your doorstep asking for his/her gifts or belongings to be returned.

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