7 Deadly Sins: Things Women hate about Men on their first date

That first date creates an impression; you make it or break it on your first date. That women love men with manners is not something new. When with a woman make sure you avoid certain habits you maybe accustomed to. Here are seven deadly sins, stuff women hate about men on their first date.

Romantic nights are fun, especially if you have just gotten to know someone and are on your first date. You take your girl out the finest place. Everything is fine until one wrong move can ruin it all. For women manners are important. So, it makes perfect sense for men to take their manners along when they go out with a woman. In the initial stages of a relationship your manners can take your relationship forward.

Every man has habits, some good and some bad. Many of the bad habits men do possess may not be harmful, but they certainly have potential to damage a relationship. Most times men are not aware of the fact that they are habituated to habits which may be a complete turn off for women. Women hate certain things men may do during a date or a romantic outing. What are these things women hate? It’s got to do with manners and mannerisms.

Sin1-Picking your nose

Most guys ruin it by picking their nose. Don’t ever pick your nose in front of a woman. When everything is perfect on a beautiful romantic night a number of guys ruin it by picking their nose. The moment a woman sees you picking your nose, be assured she’s dumped you in her mind. Women don’t rate men that pick their nose. On a scale of 1 to 10, they hit ommmg yuck! It’s a matter of time before you will be dumped.

Sin 2-Yawning

Get this straight! Girls hate guys that yawn aimlessly in front of them. If you feel like yawning when on a date with your girl, excuse yourself and go to the washroom. Consider yourself dead meat if you yawn when you are on a date, especially if it’s the first date. If you do yawn on your first date be assured it will be your last with her. You may be feeling sleepy, and when you feel sleepy it’s but natural for you to yawn. However, a woman feels a man is disinterested in her when he yawns. If you sense you are about to yawn, excuse yourself, go someplace where she cannot see you and yawn.

Sin 3-Sitting on the chair before your woman does

When on a first date, make sure you do not forget your manners. Most guys forget to offer seat at a restaurant table first to the woman, instead they just go and sit on the chair. Always make sure you first pull out the chair for a woman and let her occupy the table first. Take a seat only after you make sure the woman is comfortable. Women love men that are courteous and full of manners, keep that in mind.

Sin4- Staring at her with your mouth open

On a first date many guys stare at their date with their mouth wide open. Women dislike staring duds. Ground Rule! Shut that mouth and stop gaping. Look into her eyes as you listen and talk. Sometimes guys are so fascinated by their first date they forget to blink, that can be a scary sight for women.

Sin5- Bad breath

I you have bad breath; make sure you brush your teeth before your date. The last thing a woman would want on a first date is… foul smelling breath; it’s a complete turn off for women. If your breath stinks make sure you take immediate measures to get rid of bad breath before you go on a date. Use a mouth wash, a breath freshener or anything that helps keep your breath fresh. If you have bad breath don’t even think about a kiss.

Sin 6- Sitting silent

Guys make the mistake of sitting silent on their first date. Women hate it when they do all the talking and the guy just nods his head. Women love conversations. If you are not good at conversations, the least you could do is talk something about your likes and preferences. If women realize you are shy and you make an attempt to converse, you earn brownie points. On the other hand if a guy sits silent during his first date, it gives the girl a fair impression… the guy is disinterested.

Sin 7- Chewing food with their mouth open and making a noise

When it comes to eating food at a restaurant, not many guys get it right. A number of guys make a loud noise as they chew their food and eat with their mouth wide open. What are you going to accomplish by eating with your mouth open. No woman wants to see chewed food in your mouth, shut your mouth and eat. Table manners are important. If you are not familiar with table manners, make sure you Google the term and acquire few tips from the internet.

Men! Do not commit these seven deadly sins when on a date.

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