Do Male Wedding Rings Attract Women?

It’s More Like Male Delusion

Do Male Wedding Rings Attract Women?
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Men often boast that putting on a wedding ring attracts women but there’s more at play in my opinion

According to numerous reports, one of the most attractive attributes a male can emote is the mere appearance of a wedding ring.  Of course, this boast comes entirely at the hands of married men…Not having one of those, I am skeptical.  Still, I’m going to speculate on the claim but certainly hope to get feedback in the hopes of getting to the bottom of this. 

The rationale from the male end says that woman are taken by a married male because his status shows that he has willingly settled into domesticacy. Thus he needs no strut because maturity means he can share in the joys despite all the travails.  

That sounds like a pretty rational argument. But making the leap to say a woman will break up a marriage sounds like male imagination run wild.  Does she also lack the reasoning skills to realize she may be the one on the outs when a new wedding ring attracts other suitors in the new regime?

Of course, this doesn't mean she will hold back on the verbal affections around the water cooler.  Why should she but the extra kindness doesn’t necessarily equate to, “I’m breaking up a marriage and subjecting myself to the same possibility down the road.”

At the same time, the opening is there, and the chances probably increase because the heart does want…

Still, I don’t equate this to a correlation, and the lament of the statement lends to the typical male mindset. Ensconced in the ups and downs and the supposed advances on all sides, a standard delusion emerges.  The kindnesses seem real because when you got a girl, it just seems like they all like you. Then without any means to verify, there’s only one conclusion you have for your single friends.


Adding to the weight of your argument is the dynamic that prevails.   I’ve heard, because I’m no expert, that women can be put at ease when you’re not constantly putting the moves on them.  

Give them space and they are more open to your everyday interaction.  You know because you’re married, you’ve “settled in” and know there’s nothing on the other end of your flirtation. 

And if you are a decent guy, you’re at ease, and the conversation flows without consequence.  Once again, though, the chances are increased but it’s not your wedding ring and universal female depravity that allows you to make your boast. It’s just human nature and you’re making the wrong connection.

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