5 Compelling Reasons why Women Continue to Stay in an Abusive Relationship

Reasons Why Women Continue to Stay in an Abusive Relationship

5 Compelling Reasons why Women Continue to Stay in an Abusive Relationship
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Different forms of abuse ruin a relationship. Many women in a relationship go through abuse. Yet, most women continue to stay in abusive relationships. Why? This article reveals compelling reasons why women choose to suffer and stay in an abusive environment.

When women have an option to set self free and move on, why do they prison themselves in abusive relationships. If your husband or boyfriend abuses you on every occasion in some form or the other why take it? You’ve got a beautiful life ahead, and you can move on. While few women do leave their abusive partners, majority of women prefer to stay in an abusive relationship. If there’s joy and sunshine waiting outside an abusive relationship, that’s where you’ve got to be.

While leaving your abusive partner is the best way to end your nightmarish life, majority of women continue to hold onto their abusive partners with hope that things will change. Hope is a good thing, but a woman beater is an animal that is least likely to change, so why hope. Place hope and trust in people with a heart.

Men that do not respect women end up abusing their partners in a relationship. Research reveals, most women who get abused physically and verbally in a relationship have partners dealing with anger issues and addiction problems.

The mindset of women in an abusive relationship

Women that have an abusive partner in a relationship suffer from anxiety, depression, and low self esteem, this because of the constant torment caused by verbal abuse and physical abuse. Getting drunk and beating up a woman is the most common form of physical abuse. Women that refuse to have intercourse with their abusive drunk partner are either beaten or abused verbally. When there is a way out of this harsh reality, why do women continue to live in a nightmare? Women in an abusive relationship convince themselves everything will be alright. When the facts are in front of you, weigh them, and ask yourself if staying put in an abusive relationship is worth it.  

5 Compelling Reasons why women prefer to stay in abusive relationship

1. For Financial support

Not all women with abusive partners have jobs. Even women that have jobs depend a great deal on their husband’s income to run the house. A woman in an abusive relationship may simply stay put because of financial support. Furthermore, women that have kids need a sizable or steady income for their children’s education.

2. Being emotionally attached

Emotional attachment is one of the primary reasons why women stay in abusive relationships.  9 times out of 10 when a man hurts the sentiments of a woman, a woman tends to remember that one time that was beautiful. Women linger on in the past which is why they remain emotionally attached to their abusive partners. They place hope in hope… being optimistic about a turnaround. Women are dreamers, and in an abusive relationship it’s dangerous to be a dreamer.

3. Hoping her partner will change

A woman in an abusive relationship puts her faith in hope. Just a glimmer of hope is enough for a woman to continue to stay with her abusive partner. A woman going through abuse in a relationship convinces herself a day will come when there will be no verbal abuse or physical abuse. Do not expect miracles to happen in an abusive relationship.     

4. Threats made by partner

A woman may reluctantly decide to stay in relationship because of threats made by her abusive partner. Threats can lead to fear psychosis. Often men that physically abuse women make threats to ensure their partners do not leave them. Threats about snatching away children, or, hurting someone are commonly used threats. Sometimes,  women are also blackmailed into staying in a relationship by their abusive partner.

5. Companionship and Security

Fear of being lonely compels women to stay in abusive relationships. Women need companionship. Most women that stay in a relationship with their abusive partner get habituated to a negative thought process. Women who suffer mentally and physically in an abusive relationship believe they will not find another man, one who treats her right. This attitude is certainly not the right choice for women in an abusive relationship. If you move on you will find the right companion, the man that respects you and loves you.

When things get out of control its best to seek help and move forward. Do not hesitate to seek help from your loved ones. Always confide with your near and dear ones, they are always there to help. Do not keep your thoughts to yourself; share them with your close friends and family members. You can also seek counseling and guidance from elders you are closely associated in regard with your situation. The problem begins when you hold back. Let fear not keep you restricted. The only way you can break free from the clutches of your abusive partner is by ending your relationship. You can and you will move forward when you get rid of your past and start afresh.

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