Where Is True Love?

True Love Does or Does Not Exist

Where Is True Love?
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True love ,does it really exists or just an illusion or perhaps a pigment of one talented writer's imagination? Some are just lucky to find it,some are just so confused they could hardly recognize it even if it is staring them at their face.Some never had the courage to find one. Some just gave up hope of finding it. Once it knocks on your door, never let it slip away eventhough you are not sure about it.

I am a sucker of happy ending, of that one true love. Thanks to the nightly bedroom stories of fairytales  my father used to read to me and my sister when we were kids. Stories like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, to name a few which focus on how true love sustains and fights against all odds . These are romantic fairytales. Princess met her prince charming, by some twist of fate their meeting was not as breezy as a walk in the park for enter the character of a wicked stepmother or the wicked witch or even the pretentious prince with malicious intentions. They wanted to rip off  Mr.

Prince Charming and the innocent Princess from each other. But we all know that in the end love triumph. True love, that is, an they lived happily ever after.

In this modern world where almost anything is possible, do we still believe in true love? Does true love really exist? Or is it just an illusion created by those hormones dominating the hypothalamus?  

Can you find it in the streets just like  one of those  common commodities you can grab anytime anywhere as long as you have the money? Yes, some would say so. Love is even used as an excuse to get laid or take advantage of one’s vulnerability. Love nowadays to some is just a mere expression of meaningless words, just like saying “I love you” to a complete stranger. A complete stranger! Jesus! That ain’t true love at all. Yup, some people gave love a bad name, a bad reputation.

Love is fleeting. Just like any other emotions such as anger, happiness, sadness and even fear. However, we see real happy couples being in love with each other for a very long time, for a lifetime and beyond. That must be true love. How they do it? I really have no hint. I often read and I was told, too, that love is a decision. Still, I cannot understand.

A decision to what? To play a fool? Or maybe a martyr? To keep believing despite of the obvious lies? A decision to keep hurting and suffering in silence? For what? For the sake of true love? Whose true love, then?

Love is fleeting, yes, but like a plant it can grow if you know how to take care of it. And maybe by making the decision of loving that person every second, every minute of each passing day regardless if such person is lovable or not, because you know that living without her/him life has no meaning. It won’t be  easy .It could be difficult as hell. But, that’s how true love should be. Finding goodness amidst cruelty, feeling love instead of hate.

Love begets love , they say. And if one day love fades, don’t worry, you will find it again.

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