Smart Parenting Is The Need of The Hour

Adopt smart parenting and act as a tree to our children

Smart Parenting Is The Need of The Hour
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Most of us undoubtedly believe that god gives parents the motivation to raise their children. After all, they are the parents. But I think, sometimes it is great to think outside the box. We should start parenting the other way round i.e. practice smart parenting, to really work out on generation gap which is a great concern now a days.

Because of excessive stress levels faced by Parents and child alike, a gap inevitably gets created between them. Let us celebrate Parenting - a divine task by changing our mindset and applying it in such a way that helps our children enjoy and cherish their growing years. For achieving this objective smart parenting is required.

When our children are very young, we always take care of them like an umbrella. All their activities are so sweet and enjoyable for all of us. That twinkling smile, demanding cry, and that act of beating the box; all are so adorable. We enjoy everything giving a feeling for the child that we are here for you always.

But when the child steps further and reaches to his/her teenage or adolescent time, we suddenly become so protective and start to behave more as a guard than parent.

Why so? Here in this stage of a child whom he/she needs more and more support, care and mutual trust, we are doing just the opposite! How strange!. Here We ‘re totally away from smart parenting

Children enjoy some of their greatest joys of life as teens and we the parents should have deeper understanding of each other sharing their feeling, dreams, desires and even fears. Let us go some further if needed! We should try to be their best friends by adopting smart parenting.

Sensitivity and openness is the key here to unlock the mind of any child. We frequently hear children saying-“parents need to listen to us. They should participate and realize things from our point of view.” Exactly! parents should ‘share’ rather than to ‘poke’. This sharing will give them a lot of perspective and confidence to move forward with golden boots.

This is the reason, now-a-days the cases of suicide have increased drastically. Every morning, we hear news of suicide in newspapers. Other than suicide, cases of drug addiction, habit of drinking have also increased among the teenagers. Come on parents, wake up! Let’s go for smart parenting. 

Here, I want to share that we the parents are to be blamed for this. Yes! Looks shocking! But it is true. Our ambitions are getting priority than our child whom we have given birth. Just think, the time you spent in office is almost 10 to 15 hours a day but every day can you give 10 to 15 minutes solely to your child? I am sure that most of the parents especially fathers cannot say ‘yes’ to this. Because of all of this, The child feels like that 12th player in a team who is there in the match, helping others but no prize for him. Do you think it is ok?

Here are some smart parenting steps you can take to avoid all this:

1. Let us start from the morning, have a family walk instead of morning walk at least for 15 minutes

2. At least 3 days in a week you drop them in the school instead of bus.

3. One of you go to school to pick them up so that they feel happy that somebody is waiting for them.

4. In the evening, when they study, just sit beside  to motivate them  for study.

5. Before going to sleep or in the dinner table, ask them about their day, how they spent, what happened, what they liked and what not.

Swamy Vivekananda quoted “We have air everywhere on earth but still we need a fan to feel it". You can be a parent at some time in your life but to be a parent in your true sense, act like that fan! and there lies the main treasure of being called, ”my great mom and dad ”.

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nice article for parents... parents need to understand that we are not the same as they were about 40 years back, they expect us to be like them when they were our age which is impossible.


parents need to modify their thoughts and looks for proper guidance.


I feel that good parenting skills come from the way you were raised by your parents. This does not in any way mean you can not learn more or better skills along the way. For me it was being careful and ready when situations arise. Knowing your child's friends and their parents is a good way to ensure they will learn more good ways when they are not with you.


exactly!!!that is the main truth actually......


Especially that in this Millenial age, kids are being raised differently than those kids who were raised 30-40 years ago.