How to Ensure Proper Care of a New Born Baby?

Know How to Ensure Proper Care of Newborn Baby?

How to Ensure Proper Care of a New Born Baby?
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Getting your newborn baby in your arms is most happiest moment of world. But, with that moment starts a big responsibility of taking care of your baby right way. To ensure proper care of newborn baby, you need to follow certain steps. Some of which are breastfeeding your baby right way, holding and bathing your baby right way. Like that there are around 10 steps. Lets know each of them in detail.

Newborn baby is a bundle of joy. But, to keep that bundle of joy always smiling you have to take proper care of your newborn baby. 

Know how to take proper care of your newborn baby-

1) Breastfeed your baby right way-

It is always promoted to new mothers that breastfeed your newborn baby. It gives baby all the nutrients that newborn baby needs. Formula feed does not contain immunoglobulins. But, breastfeed of mother contain immunoglobulins that get transferred to baby during breastfeed session. Newborn babies who are breastfeed, their brain and body develop more accurately and fully than formula feed baby.

But, babies should be breastfeed right way. 

How to breastfeed your newborn baby right way? 

For that baby should be hold in semi-sit position. Baby’s head should be supported with in elbow bend, while baby is having breastfeed. During breastfeed baby’s head should be held at 45 degree angle from your breast so that he gets room to breath. Breastfeed baby on both breasts turn by turn. Burp your baby by holding him upright after breastfeeding on each breast.

2) Right way to put baby to sleep-

When you place baby in her crib or with you in bed, his bedding sheets should be soft. When you are putting your sleeping baby in his sleeping place, do that gently so that baby won’t wake from jar. When baby is sleeping, gently change his sleeping position. This is to avoid flat head, which is caused from sleeping in one position.

3) Sponge bath until umbilical cord falls off-

Baby should be given sponge bath up to 3rd to 4th week. The reason being to protect umbilical cord from infection. Umbilical cord mostly falls between 2nd and 3rd week. That is for, safe side to save from infection normal bath is started after 4th week. Until umbilical cord falls off till that time sponge bath is given. 

How sponge bath is given? 

For that first cotton wet with oil is sponged all over the body of baby. After that cotton wet with lukewarm water is sponged all over body of baby to clean baby. In sponge bath, water wet cotton is used in place of direct water and oil wet cotton is used in place of soap. 

4) Do not use diaper everyday-

Baby’s skin is very soft. It can’t tolerate 24 hours wetness of diapers. No doubt, diapers with good absorption quality are available in market. But, still some minor wetness remains there. That wetness, wet baby skin, which needs drying from air. Baby hip skin needs cross ventilation, which only cloth nappy can provide, not diapers. Diapers used 24 hours a day everyday cause rashes on hips of baby. Whereas cloth nappy does not cause rash, as it is changed as soon as seen wet. Second thing is cross ventilation in nappy occurs, which prevents diaper rash.

5) Trim your baby’s nails-

Timely, trim your baby’s nails. This is necessary because sometimes baby move their hands over face, at that time nails can injure. To save from scratches caused by nails, timely trim your baby’s nail. 

6) Visit your pediatrician regularly for baby’s check ups-

Your baby’s pediatrician must have given you some dates for follow up of newborn baby’s health. Timely visit on those dates for baby’s health check ups. 

7) Immunize your baby on time-

In follow up check ups, your baby’s pediatrician may instruct you regarding some future immunization dates. Get your baby immunized on those dates for baby’s good health in future.

8) Hold your newborn baby right way-

Newborn baby should be held right way. 

What is right way of holding baby? 

While holding baby their head should be hold with one hand. Baby’s back and legs should be supported with other hand and forearm. Their head should always be held with care. This is because newborn babies are not able to bear weight of their head.

9) Wash and sanitize your hands before holding baby-

Newborn baby’s immune system is not that developed as that of grown baby. It is yet to be developed. Therefore, to save newborn baby from infection, always hold baby, after washing and sanitizing your hands. Not only that timely wash clothes and bedding of newborn baby to save him from infection.

10) Avoid shaking newborn baby-

Some people have habit of playing with newborn babies by shaking them. But, it is wrong habit. It cause concussion and contusions injury in brain. Baby also get feared from that shaking.


To ensure proper care, future good health, disease free happy journey of newborn baby to grown-up baby, follow above newborn baby care steps.

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