10 Parenting Tips for New Parents

10 Tips That New Parents Should Follow

10 Parenting Tips for New Parents
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Parenting is easy, all you have to do is trust yourself and put that trust in child. Children are your reflection and you should protect them. Help them create a good and bright future.

Parenting is not an easy task. We have to care for our children as they grow and also ensure their future to be secure. This takes a much of our time and energy. There are also worries from our jobs on the next part. To be honest parenting takes almost 5 hours more excluding the 8 hour job. It is believed to be a good parent one must spend 5 to six hours with their children on daily basis and infant must need 15 plus hours of care because they are small in need of care.

A man once suggested “raise yourself before you raise your children”. This only means you must keep yourself in discipline before you teach your child. Now let’s get to the points of tips that are for you.

10 Parenting Tips

1) Love them even if you are frustrated from work: This is a zone where most of the parents fail to compromise with. One must keep in mind that loving children and taking care of them is equally important as our daily work or schedule.

2) Know your children: To know our children we need to spend time with them and talk to them. By spending time and talking to them will help children to open up about their thoughts and funny answers will help you with stress. This way you will be able to know them.

3) Only get them things they need not what they want: Carefully cater the needs for your children. Carefully observe what your child asks for. If those things are really necessary for them give them and if not do not give them. Also don’t forget to tell them why you are not giving them. This way your child will also understand your explanation.

4) Never beat your children: Beating your children would make them scared of you. If they are scared of you they will hesitate to tell you their problems. This might be dangerous for you and your child.

5) Don’t give harsh punishment: Punishment is necessary but only up to a limit. Parents should carefully punish their children as they might end up hating you for punishment. Best way is to give punishment in a mild and careful manner. The motive should be that they learn their lesson.

6) Take them for holidays: Every parent should take their children on holidays once in a month so that they get to know the world, see the world and explore new places and people. This way your bonding with children will be great.

7) Control their entertainment and play hour strictly until they are old enough: Parents should make their children follow a strict entertainment time. You can decide yourself how much time is necessary and sufficient for them. Also encourage them to play outdoor games and intermingle with fellow children. Don’t forget to ask and know about their friends in school or neighbourhood.

8) Compliment them: when your child does something good you should complement them. This leaves a positive impact on children. They feel better and they will feel good being with you.

9) Motivate them: Sometimes a period comes when your child is low on morale. They sometimes are lost or feeling bad about their academics and activities. In this harsh time they must be motivated so that they will feel good and their morale will be boosted.

10) Leave them to choose their own path: We must leave the decision to our children on what they want to do. But we should not completely leave them to their decision alone but try to support and tell them briefly on what will be the cons and pros of their chosen path.

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Parenting is a beautiful gift to be blessed with. It is an amazing feeling to be parents.

Most of us undoubtedly believe that god gives parents the motivation to raise their children. After all, they are the parents. But I think, sometimes it is great to think outside the box.

Whole life changes when baby comes in your life. Suddenly rushing into everything starts.

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