500 Most Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Friends

500 Most Embarrassing Questions to Ask Friends when you play Truth or Dare

500 Most Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Friends
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When it comes to fun activities or party games with friends nothing gets better than Truth or Dare. Playing this game you need to bring along the braveheart in you and survive embarrassment and a laugh riot. Fasten your seatbelts and indulge in an epic ride of embarrassing truth or dare questions.

When you find yourself playing Truth or Dare you should expect some of the most embarrassing questions and tasks. When friends get together thoughts fly high and you eventually end up playing games that evoke laughs. Truth or Dare is one of the most popular party games globally. The game is played at parties, sleepovers, or get-togethers because it is fun and evokes that unearthly evil laughter. The essence of the game is to put individuals in an awkward or embarrassing situation with questions or tasks. When you’re playing Truth or Dare with friends, your worst nightmares often come alive.

Besties transform into eccentric beasts beyond understanding and belief during this game.

Rules of Truth or Dare

The game is simple to play. Typically the game starts with a person being asked Truth or Dare. If the person picks Truth, a question is asked to the person. The person has to be answer the question asked truthfully. Most times the question asked is embarrassing, funny, dirty or outrageous and tests wit and nerves of the person answering the question. If the person chooses Dare, a dare in the form of an embarrassing task is given to the person. Everybody playing the game gets a chance to choose Truth or Dare as the game progresses. You may cringe, shift position, avoid eye contact, and sheepishly try and find the quickest way to the washroom, you won’t succeed. There’s no escape when you play this game. While strict rules to the game can be imposed, it takes away charm from the game. Ideally, there should be no restrictions when you are voluntarily playing the game with your friends. You end up laughing and being laughed as you play the game.

Type of Questions Asked in Truth or Dare

Friends like to fool around with each other all the time. When Truth or Dare is being played friends like to mess around with some of the most embarrassing questions and tasks. Often, questions in this game are put forth to unsettle and embarrass individuals. You can expect funny questions, dirty questions, gross questions, ridiculous questions, rude questions and highly embarrassing questions when you are playing Truth or Dare. Best friends know each other in and out, and they leave no stone unturned to get you out of your comfort zone. Questions put forth can be personal. You have to realize the purpose of the game is to have fun and laughs, and in trying to do so, questions and tasks are often mean, rude, offensive and embarrassing, but have no intent to hurt sentiments. Playing Truth of Dare helps individuals get rid of their shy nature and also serves as an activity where you learn to handle difficult situations tactfully.

While questions and tasks in Truth or Dare can be highly embarrassing when friends are around, the activity also brings a lot of positive energy and laughs. Individuals feel energetic and rejuvenated after a session of Truth or Dare. The game is a great way to get to know your friends better. Friends love to ask questions that reveal secrets or unknown facts. Some questions are as outrageous as they can get and should be taken in the right spirit. You need to be calm when you play this game.

Things you should Know about Truth or Dare

Liberal questions, views and opinions form an integral part of the game, and so if you’re overly sensitive it’s best you be a spectator to the game than take part in it. Similarly, if you are short tempered or have anger issues its best you avoid playing Truth or Dare. The purpose of Truth or Dare is to have fun and not to put someone down. However at times individuals feel offended or angry with certain questions or tasks which lead to arguments and fights. Understand, Truth or Dare is just a game that needs to be played with an open mind, liberal outlook, and right spirit.

Sometimes at parties, sleepovers or get-togethers certain individuals may go overboard with truth questions and dares. Keep in mind your questions can be embarrassing but shouldn’t be hurtful or aimed as personal attacks. With all the crazy questions and ridiculously outrageous dares, Truth or Dare is the most popular game/activity at parties. You will experience the fun only when you get down to playing the game. What are you waiting for…get your group together, and have fun.

The lines below showcase an epic list of embarrassing truth or dare questions to ask friends at parties, house parties, sleepovers, the workplace, get-togethers or any social event.

500 Most Embarrassing Truth or Dare Questions for Friends

Embarrassing Truth Questions for Guys and Girls

  1. Have you peed in a swimming pool, river, lake, or at sea?
  2. Anything you don’t want your parents to find out about you?
  3. Have you shared your best friend’s secret with others?
  4. Have you picked your nose with your fingers and shook hands with someone?
  5. Do you think you will marry your current girlfriend?
  6. What went wrong in your last relationship?
  7. Do you have a crush on anybody present here?
  8. What do you fear most in a relationship?
  9. Have you belched loudly in public?
  10. Have you been caught driving drunk?
  11. Have you smelt ear wax and actually liked the smell?
  12. Something about you that your friends dislike?
  13. What would you give up, the internet or your smartphone and why?
  14. Would you trade a sibling for a huge sum of money?
  15. Is your pout natural or has it taken that shape because of the selfies you take?
  16. Have you skipped a family function to get cozy with your lover?
  17. Have you accidently blurted out something in front of your girlfriend’s friends that made your girlfriend lose her top?
  18. Are you attracted to any of your mom’s friends?
  19. Do you regret getting a piercing done?
  20. Are you addicted to social media?
  21. Have you blamed your sibling for wrong you did?
  22. Are you attracted to any of your dad’s friends?
  23. If you had the money would you go under the knife to look glamorous?
  24. On certain days do you feel lazy to brush your teeth and skip brushing teeth?
  25. Have you had a romantic encounter during a journey?
  26. If you fall in love with a married man what will you do?
  27. Would you give up your favorite possession for a million dollars?
  28. A pic in your smartphone you want to delete but you haven’t?
  29. Does sex mean a lot to you in a relationship?
  30. If you meet your college crush at a reunion and she makes an advance what will you do?
  31. Have you been eager to go for a roller coaster ride at an amusement park and when the moment arrived chickened out?
  32. What is the most childish thing you still do?
  33. Have you used talent to get attention of girls?
  34. Are you more possessive about your dog or your boyfriend?
  35. Two things you would like to change about yourself?
  36. Has anybody passed a lewd comment about you?
  37. Do you express fake sentiments on social media?
  38. Are there times when you lick the food on your plate?
  39. Are you as beautiful without makeup?
  40. Have you made a scene after getting drunk?
  41. Would you prefer being with your boyfriend watching a game or with your girl pals shopping?
  42. When was the last time you peed in bed?
  43. If you fall in love with a married woman what will you do?
  44. What’s your biggest excuse to not exercise?
  45. Do you envy somebody because she is good looking and dresses well?
  46. Who is the most annoying person in your family?
  47. Have you borrowed money from your friend/s to take a girl on a date?
  48. Do you yet have your childhood toy/s?
  49. If you had a remote control for men what would be your first command?
  50. If you had a remote control for women what would be your first command?
  51. Which video game character would you like to have an affair with?
  52. Have you written love notes or love letters to someone when you were in school or college?
  53. Have you pretended you liked a gift and then given it away or sold it?
  54. Is it easier not being you…than you?
  55. Do you make friends on social media looking at the number of likes?
  56. Have you revealed a dark secret after getting drunk?
  57. Do you give into to naughty thoughts when you are at home all by yourself?
  58. Does anything make you feel uncomfortable?
  59. In some point in life have you smuggled your Dad’s alcohol?
  60. If you could change one thing about your childhood what would it be?
  61. Something you tried hard to learn but couldn’t?
  62. Are you jealous of your friend because his girlfriend is hotter than yours?
  63. Do you prefer blondes, brunettes or redheads?
  64. What’s the worst comment you have received about your profile picture?
  65. Have you gone on a blind date?
  66. Do you hold your stomach muscles and wish you were slimmer as you stand in front of the mirror?
  67. How does it feel after a breakup?
  68. Do you regret getting a tattoo?
  69. Have you cheated in a game to win?
  70. Do you like hanging out with your Mom and Dad?
  71. Have you told someone you will not be at home to avoid them?
  72. Have you flirted with a delivery girl?
  73. Have you flirted with a delivery guy?
  74. What’s the longest relationship you’ve been?
  75. Lovable kids or lovable sex machine husband after marriage?
  76. Have you fallen in lust at first sight?
  77. Do you have a weird obsession?
  78. Have you flirted with a police officer?
  79. Something disgusting you have at home?
  80. In the future, what if your husband doesn’t want to have kids and you want to have kids?
  81. Have you lied about your age, why?
  82. Have you smoked?
  83. Did you sneak in to watch an adult movie when you were underage?
  84. Name 3 Friends you want to delete on Instagram?
  85. Have you ever been stood up?
  86. Have you dumped someone recently or has someone dumped you recently?
  87. What’s the cruelest and meanest thing you have done on social media?
  88. What’s a big turnoff on a date?
  89. Do you skip meals to look anorexic?
  90. If you get stuck in an elevator with a celebrity how would you start a conversation?
  91. Who has the most kissable lips among all present here?
  92. Any expensive gift you had gifted that you want to get back from your ex-girlfriend?
  93. Any expensive gift you had gifted that you want to get back from your ex-boyfriend?
  94. What’s the craziest thing to do on your bucket list?
  95. Would you date a guy shorter than you?
  96. Are you obsessive about your girlfriend?
  97. Are you obsessive about your boyfriend?
  98. Have you had a crush on your best friend’s girlfriend?
  99. What do you dislike about your family?
  100. Have you done drugs?
  101. Do you have a nickname you hate?
  102. Do you regret quitting college?
  103. Have you gone on a fishing trip and caught a hunk?
  104. Do you get a thrill when your best friend is having it bad?
  105. A hairstyle you’ve always wanted but are afraid to try?
  106. Has what you’ve learnt in school helped you as an adult in your professional career?
  107. Can you quit throwing tantrums?
  108. What is the craziest thing you have done after a few drinks?
  109. Have you gone for prom without makeup?
  110. Do you have feelings for a cute cousin?
  111. What’s the most embarrassing selfie you have taken?
  112. Have you pretended to be sick or unwell to avoid a particular situation?
  113. If you were offered 2 million to breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend would you do it?
  114. Have you farted and looked in all directions making it look like someone else farted?
  115. Do you have a weird hobby or do you collect anything weird?
  116. What’s the meanest or cruelest joke/prank you’ve played on someone and someone has played on you?
  117. Have you been rejected for someone else?
  118. Do you get restless and annoyed when you have to attend a party and you cannot find your makeup kit?
  119. If you find out your girlfriend is cheating on you, what would you do?
  120. Have you at any point in life wanted to have a body like somebody?
  121. If you find out your boyfriend is cheating on you, what would you do?
  122. Do you want to be sexually active after retirement?
  123. Have you tried being a superhero in front of the mirror wearing your undies?
  124. Have you hit on someone or has someone hit on you at a nightclub, bar, or pub?
  125. Was your first kiss memorable?
  126. When was the last time you pooped in your pants?
  127. Who is the sexiest girl in this group?
  128. What part of your body would you like to change?
  129. What’s the most embarrassing situation you have found yourself with your parents?
  130. How does it feel when you fart in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi?
  131. What’s the most embarrassing pic you regret having as your profile pic?
  132. Aside from you, who is the most annoying person present here?
  133. Do you sleep with a plush toy?
  134. Do you pretend to like someone you actually hate?
  135. A disturbing fact everybody should know about you?
  136. Have you sold gifts you’ve received?
  137. What is your guilty pleasure?
  138. Have your dreams been shattered?
  139. What’s the weirdest pickup line someone tried on you?
  140. An embarrassing thing you have done or said in front of someone you love?
  141. Do you like guys in briefs or boxers?
  142. If you could erase one thing in your life what would it be?
  143. Have you accidently sent an inappropriate text or MMS accidently to a family member?
  144. Would you consider dating a good looking guy who is bad in bed or an ugly guy who is good in bed?
  145. What’s the best ‘Friends with Benefits’ situation you’ve been in?
  146. Have you had a lice problem?
  147. Is there something illegal you have done?
  148. What’s the worst ‘Friends with Benefits’ situation you’ve been in?
  149. Do you get aroused talking or texting?
  150. What’s was your most awkward moment/s on a date with someone?
  151. What would be the first thing you would do if you suddenly turned into the opposite gender?
  152. Do you think you will marry your current boyfriend?
  153. What parts of your body does your partner like to kiss?
  154. Do you wake up with drool on your cheek and pillow?
  155. Do you not cry because your makeup gets ruined?
  156. Have you peed on yourself while having a shower?
  157. Have you been in a long distance relationship?
  158. Have you been embarrassed by your partner or have you embarrassed your partner in public?
  159. Would you go out with a smart girl who is in decent shape or with a bimbette who has a great body?
  160. Have you crapped your pants while trying to fart?
  161. How long do you admire yourself in front of the mirror daily?
  162. What’s the longest time you haven’t washed your hair?
  163. A time you tried your best to hold back a fart and it come out all guns blazing?
  164. What’s that terrible thing you have done and need to cover up with a lie?
  165. Something evil you have done that nobody knows about?
  166. Have you encountered a wardrobe malfunction?
  167. When was the last time you took a bubble bath?
  168. When was the last time you cried?
  169. Who is the worst dressed person after you?
  170. A lie you have hidden from your partner?
  171. Have you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  172. Have you cried on a date?
  173. Have you practiced smooching or kissing in front of a mirror?
  174. Do you laugh when the joke is on others and get angry when the joke is on you?
  175. A lie you regret having told?
  176. Have you asked a stranger out on a date or has a stranger asked you out on a date?
  177. What do you think about when you sit to crap?
  178. What was your most awkward romantic moment?
  179. Have you farted in a crowded elevator?
  180. Have you done something to try and look cool?
  181. What’s the stupidest or dumbest thing you have said to your partner while getting intimate?
  182. Do you have romantic feelings for someone?
  183. What is the stupidest thing you have done in public?
  184. If you get a chance to date one of your sister’s girl pals who would it be and why?
  185. Reveal a dark secret you have not shared with anyone?
  186. What’s the most disgusting thing you have done in your life?
  187. Has someone joked about the shape of your body?
  188. Have you escaped an intimate moment by telling a tie?
  189. Do you feel guilty about certain things you have done in the past?
  190. Have you had a crush on a person 15 years older than you?
  191. Describe the strangest dream you have had?
  192. Food you will never eat on your first date and why?
  193. Have you checked out anyone at the shopping mall?
  194. Something you have done intentionally to cause a rift?
  195. Have you fallen asleep on your vomit?
  196. Have you conned someone or has someone conned you?
  197. What’s your most flattering moment?
  198. What’s the craziest thing you have done under the sheets or blanket?
  199. Has someone taken the blame for something you did?
  200. What’s your most disgusting habit?
  201. Something you have seen you wish you hadn’t seen?
  202. What do you find sexy in a guy?
  203. What do you find sexy in a girl?
  204. What’s the last thing you wrote in your Diary?
  205. Describe your worst kiss?
  206. Have you hidden a garment at a store in a shopping mall to pick it up later when it comes on sale?
  207. Have you borrowed a book from the library and never returned it?
  208. On your fist date would you just kiss the guy or do something more?
  209. Do you pose and talk to yourself standing in front of the mirror?
  210. What’s the longest you’ve been without a shower?
  211. Do you have a tattoo in a place you don’t want people to see?
  212. What is the naughtiest thing you have done?
  213. What’s the craziest rumor you have gotten to know about you?
  214. When you are watching a horror movie do you cover your face with your hands and look through a tiny gap during a scary scene?
  215. Tell us something you don’t want us to know?
  216. Your first choice for prom?
  217. Your last choice for prom?
  218. Do you pass judgement on people?
  219. With whom would you like to have your wildest fantasy?
  220. If you run out of toilet paper in a public toilet, what would you use to swipe…oops wipe?
  221. Do you pretend to be cool?
  222. Have you flirted with your girlfriend’s sister?
  223. Is it easy being a guy or a girl?
  224. If someone paid you $100 to wear you briefs over your jeans and move around in public would you do it?
  225. If you could have just one hairstyle for the rest of your life what hairstyle would that be?
  226. The coolest girl you would like to be stranded in a hot desert?
  227. The coolest guy you would like to be stranded in a hot desert?
  228. Have you flirted with your boyfriend’s brother?
  229. If a girl from an outside country you’re friends with on a social network lands up at your door what will you do?
  230. What is the most embarrassing thing you wouldn’t want someone to see in your web history?
  231. An embarrassing scene you made in public?
  232. Do you regret having posted something on social media?
  233. If you want to get married and your partner doesn’t, what will you do?
  234. Have you stolen from anyone?
  235. A physical feature you would like to change?
  236. Among all present here, who is that one person you would hate be marooned on an island?
  237. How does it feel kissing a girl with bad breath?
  238. How does it feel kissing a guy with bad breath?

Embarrassing Truth Questions for High School Students (Guys and Girls)

  1. Have you ever picked your nose and rubbed that small chunk of semi-wet booger under your desk?
  2. Have you heard a rumor about yourself?
  3. Have you cheated during an exam?
  4. Have you stuck gum under the classroom desk?
  5. Have you fallen asleep in class?
  6. If you could be another boy who would it be?
  7. If you could be another girl who would it be?
  8. Have you gotten into an argument with a teacher?
  9. Should exams be banned?
  10. Who is the hottest teacher in School?
  11. If you had the power to send one teacher to space who would it be?
  12. Have your parents talked to you about sex?
  13. Have you played a prank in class and not got caught?
  14. With whom would you like to be stranded on an island?
  15. Who is that person you would never like to sit next to in class, and why?
  16. Have you fought with your best friend because of a guy?
  17. Have you fought with your best friend because of a girl?
  18. What’s the worst class to have Monday morning?
  19. A teacher you would like to give advice?
  20. Who are the 3 sexiest girls in school/class?
  21. Have you secretly watched a movie you shouldn’t?
  22. Have you spread a rumor to get even with somebody?
  23. Have you fantasized about a teacher during class?
  24. Are you jealous of somebody in class?
  25. Has failing in an exam made you feel unwanted?
  26. A teacher/s you would like to spank?
  27. Do you have a crush on a girl/guy from another school?
  28. Rank 5 cutest girls in class?
  29. Rank 5 cutest boys in class?
  30. Do you fart silently, does your fart stink?
  31. Do you think a teacher is partial towards certain students?
  32. Which teacher do you believe lacks knowledge?
  33. Have you watched dirty videos on campus?
  34. What’s the worst food you have had in the cafeteria?
  35. Have you been caught by a teacher for doing something you were not supposed to do?
  36. Which teacher do you hate most and why?
  37. If you had the power to become invisible for an hour, where would you sneak a peek?
  38. Have you skipped class to watch a game on television?
  39. A teacher that is an absolute nightmare?
  40. Have you let out a loud fart in class?
  41. Have you bullied someone or got bullied?
  42. If you could smooch someone in school who would that be?
  43. According to you which teacher needs to be taught a lesson?
  44. Who would you want to take to the prom dance?
  45. How far would you go to be in teachers good books?
  46. Have you gotten your homework or assignment done by your parents or friends?

Embarrassing Truth Questions for Guys and Girls at the Workplace

  1. Have you had an extra marital affair?
  2. Who is your favorite manager?
  3. Have you used your influence to climb the ladder in your professional life?
  4. Have you slept with a manager for a promotion?
  5. Have you sent mail with sexual content to someone at the workplace?
  6. Are you having a secret affair with someone from work?
  7. Have you spread rumors or lies about an employee or colleague at work?
  8. Have you called in sick at work and gone for a movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  9. Did someone else deserve the promotion you got?
  10. Have you had a one night stand with a married man?
  11. A girl from work you would do anything to sleep with?
  12. Who has the best cleavage at the workplace?
  13. Who is the sexiest short girl at the workplace?
  14. A guy from work you would do anything to sleep with?
  15. Have you been stalked by someone on Facebook or have you stalked someone?
  16. Who would you like to go out with from work on a romantic date?
  17. A person that gets you sexually excited at work?
  18. Are you a manipulative at the workplace?
  19. Have you accessed dirty or filthy adult sites at your workplace?
  20. Who is the sexiest bald guy at work?
  21. A girl at work that gets on your nerves?
  22. Who has the best bust at the workplace?
  23. A sex goddess at work you would do anything?
  24. A manger that makes you go weak in the knees?
  25. Guy with the best jawline at the workplace?
  26. Which girl at work has the best figure?
  27. Which guy at work has a to-die-for smile?
  28. Do bearded men make better lovers than clean shaven men?
  29. Who is your perfect Tall, Dark and Handsome guy at work?
  30. A guy from work you would like to get naughty with?
  31. Have you faced sexual harassment at work?
  32. If you get cozy with your colleague from work while on a work tour would you tell your husband/wife?
  33. A nerd at work you think is hot?
  34. Have you felt sexually aroused looking at someone at the workplace?
  35. A girl from work you would like to see pole dancing?
  36. Which guy at work has the best physique?
  37. Who is the foxiest woman at work?
  38. Name two guys/girls you would love to be sandwiched between?
  39. A girl/guy from work that is perfect for marriage?
  40. A guy from work you would like to see do a strip dance?
  41. Are you a malicious backbiter?
  42. Who is the hottest spectacled guy at work?
  43. Who is the hottest spectacled girl at work?
  44. Who is the girl with the sexiest voice at work?
  45. If you had an opportunity to spank a manager who would it be and why?
  46. Who is the guy with the sexiest voice at work?
  47. Have you accidently sent a hot-love email to your boss instead of your boyfriend?
  48. Which girl at work has the best butt?
  49. Which guy at work has the best butt?
  50. Who is the sexiest tall girl at the workplace?
  51. A handsome Greek God at work you would do anything?
  52. Who is the hottest girl at the workplace?
  53. Who is the hottest guy at the workplace?
  54. Have you done something to cause a dent in someone’s relationship?
  55. Who is the worst dressed at the workplace?
  56. Who is the sexiest tall guy at work?
  57. Do you have a crush on a colleague at work?
  58. Who is the sexiest cougar at work?
  59. A guy from work you would like to get cozy with?
  60. Would you sleep with a man with brain or a man with brawn?
  61. Which girl at the workplace has the prettiest eyes?
  62. A guy at work that gets on your nerves?
  63. Have you done something mean to someone that does not deserve it?
  64. Have you told a lie to hurt someone at the workplace?
  65. Who is the sexiest short guy at work?
  66. A girl from work you would like to get naughty with?

Embarrassing Dirty, Sexy, Gross, Naughty and Rude Truth Questions for Guys and Girls

  1. At what age did you first kiss and who was it?
  2. When was the first time you had sex?
  3. Did you enjoy the experience of losing your virginity?
  4. Did you let the tongue explore on your first Kiss?
  5. Among all present here, who would you want to make out with?
  6. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done that made you look cool?
  7. Who is the person you regret kissing?
  8. When was the first time you masturbated?
  9. What’s the Sexiest and steamiest dream you have had?
  10. Have you sexted anyone?
  11. What’s the strangest place you have peed?
  12. Have you had a lap dance?
  13. Do you sleep nude in bed?
  14. What is the most embarrassing sexual thing you own?
  15. Have your parents walked in on you while you were having sex?
  16. Have you sent anyone a nude selfie, or has anyone sent you a nude selfie?
  17. How many persons have you kissed?
  18. Among all present here, who would you take along for a nude swim?
  19. What’s your favorite body part in a guy?
  20. What’s the least likely thing on your mind while having sex?
  21. What is you ultimate sexual fantasy?
  22. Have you at any point in time been attracted to the same sex?
  23. At what age did you lose your virginity and with who?
  24. Has your hand accidently touched a guy’s private part, did you enjoy the moment?
  25. Which teacher in school or college have you fantasized or had a crush on?
  26. What’s your favorite body part in a girl?
  27. Would you consider posing nude for Playboy or Penthouse?
  28. Have you been to a Strip Club?
  29. Have you searched for adult sites on the internet?
  30. If you could make out with a friend’s girl, who would it be?
  31. If you could make out with a friend’s guy, who would it be?
  32. Have you been embarrassed when you got an erection while using a public transport?
  33. Has anybody seen you without clothes?
  34. Where do you like to be kissed?
  35. Have you been caught watching dirty videos?
  36. Do you wear a bra when you sleep?
  37. Who is the hottest teacher in our college?
  38. Have you had your ultimate sexual fantasy, if not, how would you like your ultimate sexual fantasy to be?
  39. When was the last time you had a wet dream?
  40. Have you had a secret fling with your friend’s girlfriend?
  41. Have you had thoughts of a threesome?
  42. Have you walked in on your parents having sex?
  43. Do you cup your breasts and watch yourself in the mirror?
  44. Is having sex with the wrong guy your biggest regret?
  45. Who do you think has the best butt among all present here, and would like to grab a half?
  46. If you are trying to get out of a relationship and get to know you are pregnant what will you do?
  47. A person in this room you would hate to see naked?
  48. What is the naughtiest thing you have done while having sex?
  49. Have you had the best sex of your life?
  50. Have you been caught masturbating?
  51. Have you had a secret fling with your friend’s boyfriend?
  52. Do you touch your body parts and fantasize when you take a shower?
  53. You meet your ex girlfriend at a bar, you have a few drinks together and end up having sex….how would you react and would you tell your current girlfriend about what happened?
  54. What is the craziest thing you have done to get your girlfriend/boyfriend sexually excited?
  55. How much money would you take to flash your boobs right now?
  56. What do you fear most while having sex?
  57. If you had to flash at someone who would it be and why?
  58. What is the stupidest thing you have done while having sex?
  59. Have you been sexually aroused watching a commercial?
  60. Have you had implants or are those just natural?
  61. On a day when the train is jam packed and a good looking guy standing close behind you gets a hard one, what will you do?
  62. Have you gone shopping without wearing a bra or panty?
  63. Have your boxer shorts been pulled to the ground by someone?
  64. Does a woman’s belly button turn you on?
  65. Are you self-conscious while having sex?
  66. Who would you want in this room to cup your breasts?
  67. Have you used a sex toy?
  68. When was the last time you were turned on?
  69. Does sweat turn you on?
  70. What’s the scariest sexual dream or sexual fantasy you have ever had?
  71. What’s the grossest part of the body while making love?
  72. Have you taken Viagra before sexual intercourse?
  73. A cartoon character you would like to make out with and why?
  74. Would you have sex with a skinny girl or a busty girl?
  75. Do you like being undressed by your partner?
  76. Have you felt sexually aroused while having a shower?
  77. How many bras and panties do you have?
  78. Have you ever cried when you had sex?
  79. Do you wish you had a firmer butt?
  80. How do you feel about group sex?
  81. Do you like wearing see-through lingerie?
  82. When was the last time you had an orgasm?
  83. How does it feel when people gaze at your girlfriend’s cleavage at a party?
  84. Have you smelt your girlfriend’s lingerie when she was not around?
  85. Do you wear a padded bra?
  86. Do you smell your undergarments before you wash them?
  87. Have you walked nude on a virgin beach or have you been to a nudist beach?
  88. Describe the worst sex you’ve had?
  89. Have you had difficulty finding your bra size?
  90. Have you licked body parts while having sex?
  91. Do you wish you had bigger breasts?
  92. If you had an opportunity to have sex with a superhero who would it be?
  93. Do you wish you had smaller breasts?
  94. A celebrity you would like to have sex with?
  95. What was running through you mind the first time you were to have sex?
  96. If your coach asks you to refrain from having sex before a big game would you refrain or go ahead and do it?
  97. Would you like to have sexual encounter in a bathtub?
  98. Would you let your heart fall in love or would you let your mind fall in lust?
  99. Have you eaten or licked food off someone’s body part, which body part?
  100. What would you do to look sexy?
  101. Does buying an expensive gift for someone better your chances of having sex?
  102. A teacher you fantasize about even now?
  103. Do you carry condoms in your wallet?
  104. Have you borrowed and worn undergarments?
  105. Are you a virgin?
  106. Have you given anybody a back massage and while doing been sexually aroused?
  107. Have you had an orgasmic dream?
  108. Do you get turned on when you see a woman sucking on a lollipop?
  109. Do your underarms smell while having sex?
  110. Have you had sex with your childhood friend?
  111. Are intelligent girls difficult to get into bed?
  112. Are stupid girls easy to get into bed?
  113. Do you wish you had a bigger private part?
  114. Are intelligent guys bad in bed?
  115. Are stupid guys good in bed?
  116. A sport that sexually arouses you?
  117. What are you not looking forward to during sex?
  118. Does your thing feel suffocated in briefs?
  119. If a girl you don’t have feelings for undresses in front of you and makes an advance what will you do?
  120. An activity you prefer over sex?
  121. Do you go bra shopping alone or with your girl pals?
  122. Have you wanted to get laid during Spring Break but couldn’t?
  123. Do you carry condoms in your purse?
  124. How many briefs or boxer shorts do you have?
  125. If a guy’s hand accidently touches your breast do you get angry or feel a thrill deep within?
  126. Have you been caught unaware doing something naughty underneath the blanket?
  127. Who would you like to spread in bed?
  128. Did you pretend to have feelings for someone just to get her in bed?
  129. If you realized you were tricked into having sex how would you react?
  130. Have you refused to wear a condom and asked your partner to take a pill?
  131. Have you skipped vacation with your family to get cozy with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
  132. Have you scratched your private parts and then eaten a burger?
  133. Do you like men with chest hair or men with a shaved chest?
  134. Do you hate it when guys stare at your breasts?
  135. Have you had a sexual encounter with a stranger?
  136. Have you thrown up on you lover while having sex?
  137. Have you fallen asleep during a sexual act?
  138. If one thing leads to another, you get into the act, and the guy does not have a condom and you do not have a pill, will you have sexual intercourse?
  139. What thoughts ran your mind moments before you were to lose your virginity?
  140. Have you had sex with a stranger after getting drunk?
  141. Do you like girls with big breasts or small breasts?
  142. Have you faked it while having sex?
  143. If the guy you love turns out impotent what will you do?
  144. Have you participated in a wet tee shirt contest during Spring Break?
  145. A person you would want to make your sex slave?
  146. Do you get aroused or hate it when a guy talks dirty?
  147. Describe the best sex you’ve had?
  148. Have you had sex with an older woman, how old was she?
  149. Have you had sex with an older man, how old was he?
  150. Have you made an attempt to look sexy?

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