The Chinese Zodiac for Relationships and Compatibility

The signs of the Chinese Zodiac and how they relate to relationships, including the advantages, the disadvantages, and relationship advice.


The Chinese Zodiac For Relationships and Compatibility

The signs of the Chinese Zodiac and how they relate to relationships, including the advantages, the disadvantages, and relationship advice.


The Chinese Zodiac For Relationships and Compatibility

Compatibility is complicated. There are so many different personality types that it can be difficult to tell how someone will react to a situation or what you can expect from them. Luckily, we have a number of esoteric resources to give us an idea of what to expect from people. The Chinese Zodiac is one such resource. Divided by years, rather than months like the regular Astrological Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac assigns each person an animal based on the year of their birth.

So how can this help you in dating?

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a particular Chinese Zodiac sign can help you in a number of ways. For one thing, it shows you what to expect from the other person.

It gives you an idea of where they may have difficulties in relationships, so that you are prepared, should it come up in the relationship. Your own Chinese Zodiac sign is important as well. Knowing where your sign is inclined to be weak and where it is inclined to be strong, can help you to take a look at how you deal with relationships. If you commonly find yourself making the same mistakes associated with your sign’s weak points, you can look into ways to improve on those areas.

The Signs of the Chinese Zodiac

The Rat

Intelligent and witty, the Rat is slow to trust but once a friendship or relationship is built, the Rat is incredibly loyal and loving. Rats make lifelong friends and faithful lovers.

The Good: In relationships, Rats hold their loved ones close. They are loyal, loving, and supportive.
The Bad: Rats are stubborn and hardheaded. Don’t expect your Rat to give in easily.

Dating a Rat: Choose your battles. Your Rats stubbornness can be a problem, but if you let the little things slide, he will be more likely to compromise on the larger issues. Also, try to respect his privacy. Rats trust those they love and expect the same, especially where their personal life is concerned. Snooping or spying is one of the fastest ways to lose a rat.

The Ox

Realistic and good natured, the Ox makes a great friend and a fantastic significant other. The Ox prefers home life to the club scene and enjoy simple pleasures and commitment.

The Good: In relationships, Ox men and women can be the best parts of old fashioned. They have a strong sense of honor and can always be counted on to be there when you need them.

The Bad: Like the Rat, the Ox is stubborn once he makes up his mind and not likely to be swayed. However, on simple matters, the Ox is more likely to let you do most of the decision making.

Dating an Ox: If some of your Ox’s manners seem a little old fashioned, try to see the charm in it. Your Ox man will pull out chairs and open doors for you. He will always remember your birthday. Remember these things, when he seems a little too down to earth. Ox women have some of the same issues. If your girl is an Ox, give her time to get used to new things before you rush her into situations. Her preference for home life means she is more likely to be loyal and much less likely to stray.

The Tiger

Charismatic and bold, the Tiger enjoys new things and new experiences. Tigers love to be at the front of the pack and this transfers over to relationships. Life with a tiger will always be full of fun and adventure.

The Good: If you want someone who will take charge of a situation, a Tiger is a great choice. Tigers are leaders and planners. They enjoy spontaneous dates and mini vacations. With a Tiger, you will never be bored.

The Bad: Sometimes all that excitement can be too much, especially if you would rather stay in. Tigers don’t like to be tied down or held at home. They also aren’t very good at taking the backseat and letting others get their way.

Dating a Tiger: If you enjoy letting others take the lead, you’re in luck. Your Tiger will always have something he or she wants to do. Enjoy the ride, and take a little time for yourself when you need to. Not everyone can maintain the constant energy level of a Tiger.



The Rabbit

Social and sweet, the Rabbit loves gatherings but hates confrontation. Rabbits are careful, with both decisions and money, and rarely do anything without a lot of thought. This makes the Rabbit a great partner for anyone who needs a little realistic advice from time to time.

The Good: In relationships, Rabbits are always careful of their partner’s feelings. You never have to worry about your Rabbit offending you or the people around you and you will constantly be surprised at the amount of kindness and love you receive.

The Bad: Though the Rabbit always considers the feelings of others, most people aren’t so considerate and the Rabbit can easily wind up with hurt feelings. Your Rabbit may not always be able to take a joke.

Dating a Rabbit: When dating a Rabbit, take care to pay a little more attention to the feelings of your Rabbit. Because Rabbits hate confrontation, they won’t always let you know when something is wrong. Give them a little extra attention if they seem upset and they’ll be likely to open up to you.

The Dragon

Energetic and independent, the Dragon has no problem taking charge of a situation. Dragons are charismatic, fun, and love to be at the center of attention.

The Good: In a relationship, the Dragon is quick to make take charge and entertain. Dragons make plans and have the energy to follow through with them

The Bad: The Dragon’s love of attention can be a problem when other members of the opposite sex are concerned. What your Dragon sees as being fun and entertaining, others see as flirtation. Granted, Dragons do love to flirt, though it is most often harmless flirting. Dragons are loyal creatures.

Dating a Dragon: Try to be accommodating of your Dragon’s enthusiastic nature toward other people. While he or she may seem overly flirtatious at times, your Dragon will most likely back off if you ask nicely.

The Snake

Sophisticated and charming, the Snake is a smooth talker and can always find a way into or out of a situation. Snakes are problem solvers and are likely to see elements of each relationship as a sort of puzzle.

The Good: If you have an issue with something in your relationship, there is a good chance your Snake will figure it out and try to remedy the situation. Snakes are good at taking hints and can usually adapt to any situation.

The Bad: Snakes can sometimes come off as being pushy or conniving. They don’t mean to manipulate anyone, but it can sometimes happen.

Dating a Snake: Dating a snake can sometimes seem like a puzzle in itself. If you feel like you are being pushed into something you don’t want to do, speak up. Snakes may be able to take a hint when it comes to gifts or ideas, but they tend to take silent compliance for actual willingness. Let your Snake know when you are uncomfortable or not getting what you want and he or she will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

The Horse

Horses are energetic and outgoing, and always in search of a good time They are friendly and maintain a positive outlook on life.

The Good: If you like to laugh and want a relationship with someone who is funny and witty, then look no further than those that fall under the Horse zodiac. They love to draw attention by making people laugh and feel good. Horses are very open-minded and have a good attitude to go with it.

The Bad: They have a tendency to be very spontaneous and will jump into things quickly, including love. This is not good for someone who wants to take things slow. This is also not good for them as they can get themselves into difficult situations. They will give themselves completely in a relationship which may cause problems to their inner being.

Dating a Horse: Just as the animal, horses love wide open spaces, they love being athletic and a person who wants to be with them should be ready and willing to be out doors and very active. They are full of energy and keeping them cooped up inside makes them flustered.


The Goat is dependable and nurturing. When they are not caring for others they spend their time lost in thought. Even though they will not be in the center of the room at a party, they have no problem being sociable.

The Good: Due to their nurturing natures they are very caring and loving toward any romantic partners. When they have chosen to share their life with another person, that person can be ensured that there will always be love and of course, hot soup when they get sick.

The Bad: Being in a relationship with a goat is not something that will happen over night. Goats are usually reserved, private people and it can take quite a bit of effort to get to know them and get them open up enough to allow you to do so. Also, confrontation is not good for them. When it comes to relationship problems or a breakup, it can overwhelm them to the point it can make them physically sick.

Dating a Goat: Take things slow and let them grow. If it is meant to be the Goat will be the first to let you know, as they are the one who will make the decision. Do not push it. Give them time to themselves and just let them think, they are most comfortable at home with time for themselves.


The Monkey

Monkeys are curious and mischievous, they love a little chaos. They are the ultimate pranksters and with them their friends and romantic partners will never be bored.

The Good: Monkeys adapt well to change and will have no problem with adjusting to new situations or places. When they find their perfect partner, that person can be sure they will have a good time with them.

The Bad: As funny and entertaining as a Monkey can be, sometimes they can take their pranks and jokes too far and hurt people's feelings or draw the wrong ideas. Also, Monkey's have a tendency to be promiscuous and can become bored in relationships over time.

Dating a Monkey: Once they find the right person they will settle down. Keep things new and fun so that they will not get bored with the relationship, they love fun. Monkeys are constantly active and if a person wants to be with one they should be prepared for a little mischief.



The Rooster

Roosters radiate confidence and are not afraid to admit it, they will strut their stuff. They are also extremely sociable and active; their feelings are not easily hurt.

The Good: Though they have a tough outer shell their hearts overflow with love and they will care deeply for you though they may not always show it. Roosters may not pull any punches when it comes to being straightforward, however, they will be your biggest support group as well.

The Bad: Monkeys can come off a little pompous and seem to be kind of bossy. If they take on too much at one time they will stress and become moody.

Dating a Rooster: Remember that the Rooster is extremely active and sociable they love to be out and about, think night clubs or concerts. A person who wants to be with a Rooster should have tough skin and not be over-whelmed by confidence.


The Dog

Honest and loyal, the Dog is slow to build trust but incredibly loyal once that trust is established. If you want a relationship with someone who will be loyal and a good listener than look no further than the Dog. Dogs value friendship and are trustworthy with strong morals.

The Good: The Dog is kind and will always be there when needed the most. Their ultimate pleasure is to make sure that those around them are happy. They also are good with money.

The Bad: Even though everyone goes to Dogs with their problems and can count on them to keep their secrets and trusts them completely, the Dog does not trust others so easily. This can cause problems for them to have successful relationships. Partners are often scared away by their cold emotions, insecurities, and anxieties.

Dating a Dog: If you can manage to get a Dog to trust you then they will always be loyal to their partner. Dogs like to have a well-kept and organized home. Try to help them with their problems and show that you truly care, and then the Dog will give you his paw in trust.

The Pig/Boar

Fun loving and generous, the Pig loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to take on a little extra responsibility to make sure things go as planned. Their enthusiastic nature makes them a pleasure to be around and their detail oriented attitude makes certain no one is left out of the fun.

The Good: In relationships, the Pig is always up for trying something new. Pigs are affectionate, sexual, and always willing to take the lead for a new adventure.

The Bad: The Pig’s lust for new things can cause problems when things get a little stale. Pigs tend to move from one thing to another and have difficulty maintaining projects and relationships when they lose interest.

Dating a Pig: When dating a Pig, never expect to sit still for long. Pigs like adventure, fun, and new experiences. They are always looking for a new project, hobby, or interest. If things get too stale, you could lose them. If it seems like things are looking uncertain, initiate a new project or adventure. It will satisfy your Pig’s lust for change, while keeping the relationship whole.

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