How to convince parents for marrying your loved one.

In the 21st century, things have changed drastically, and that includes the mindset of the young generation. Most of the people prefer love marriage than arrange marriage because they want to understand their mate better before tying the knot. Now, if you are in love with a person and made up mind to marry, your parents can be a barrier in the aim of yours. And it is not a good option to run away from your parents just for a love, as you have to think about them and how they brought you up. Though convincing becomes more difficult if the other person is of another religion. Parents are going to oppose such an act, its guaranteed.

Now, here are some unavoidable tips for convincing parents for a love marriage to your loved one.

The main fact is most of the parents have the old mindset of arranged marriage and choosing their child’s partner by themselves. So, what happens is that their children become the victim of their dreams and go confused between their love and their parent’s dreams. The first point is very simple. Whenever you feel you are in love with someone, try to get your love impress parents beforehand, and do not hide him/her beforehand. That will only help the cause of annoying your parents later when you expose your love in front of them.

Try to show the positive points of your love towards your mother first, because she is the one who is more soft towards you and can understand your feelings. If you can convince her, half the job is done, as she will more or less help in convincing your father. Also, the person whom you love, must be ready to sacrifice for you. Otherwise if you have strict parents, it is quite tough to convince them without losing anything. Make your partner understand about the facts and make him/her aware of the prevailing circumstances.

The best option is to set up a stage where the two families can meet each other and solve the issues personally. And as they are parents, they wont go into extreme and think on the issue positively. This might not work for some parents coming from very much superstitious background, and that might lead to aggressive behavior. You know your parents better and so, think of what is right and what is wrong for such an act to set up.

Also, bring your partner home and have him/her meet your parents and let your parents have a chat session with him/her. The money factor or the religion factor always comes in the limelight. So, if your partner has everything ok, its fine. But if not, try to convince your parents that he/she will sacrifice or try to have a job in the near future. And that you will help in the prospect. Saw your parents some acts of depression that you cannot live without your love. That helps the most in the long run.

But it is advised that despite of the workouts, if parents stick to their opinion, you always have the right to choose your life partner unless you are from a country where such law is not there. But think once more, that how your parents will feel if you run away for love. So, think and take a decision. Three things can happen, your parents accepting your love, or you going away with your love depressing your parents or you sacrifice love for your parents. So, take the ideas and try for the first option. Its difficult but it pays off in the end.

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