Instant Gratification Robs Happiness from Children

How Children are Robbed of Happiness by Instant Gratification

Due to instant gratification, children become very incompetent and are unable to take up or face challenges at all.

Instant Gratification refers to the immediate fulfilling of desire without any delay or deferment. Children are robbed of happiness when they are given instant gratification.

Ways How Happiness is Robbed

The ways how the children are deprived of happiness due to instant gratification are described below –

  • First and foremost, the children begin to take the things for granted. When they are given all the things want immediately, the value of the things is lost.
  • Instant gratification makes the children lose their problem solving capability because they never had to work for something.


Ways of Teaching Delayed Gratification

Delayed gratification is just opposite to that of instant gratification and is extremely essential for the children to make them happier in the future life. The different methods of teaching delayed gratification to the children are –

  • The feelings, emotions, frustrations and other feelings of the children need to be attended to.
  • Ticking off time is an excellent way to teach delayed gratification. Children should be taught the art of patience which can help the children to realize that waiting and anticipating for the future is fun.

Apart from the above – mentioned ways, there are several other ways which can be used to teach the children delayed gratification.


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In Sanskrit, we have a "Sukti", analogous to an idiom, which says, "Ati Sarvatra Varjyet", and that means, too much of anything is not good and should be avoided. So, as you said, instant gratification at all times will cause children to stop valuing meaningful things in life. Also, they won't be able to accept failure or rejection with grace. So it's very important to strike the right balance. Great post.


Parents seem to lose their good judgment when it comes to children. Many of them tend to be indulgent out of guilt when they place their careers and professions above the needs of the children. So to make up for this they give in to all that they ask for.