Work on Your Child’s Cognitive Skills for their Brighter Future

See your Kids Perform Well With Better Cognitive Skills

Work on Your Child’s Cognitive Skills for their Brighter Future
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Cognitive skills plays a great role in shaping a child's life. It is one thing that gives the child an competitive edge over others beneficial for their school and professional life. Thus, it becomes essential for you as a parent to know the benefits that your child will reap as a result of your efforts made on enhancing their cognitive skills. Read further to know more:

Make your child ready for meeting the high standards expected in the highly competitive world. For this, work on their cognitive skills from the tender age. Cognitive skills are very vital in defining and creating a child’s thinking ability. It helps them to create a sense of logical reasoning, critical thinking pattern and enhances their overall concentration skills. Also, it improves the child’s ability to focus on something for a long number of hours.All these attributes will come as a great rescue for them helping them perfrom well both in their school as well as professional life. The importance of cognitive skills can be well-defined in the words of an American business woman Ginni Rometty as per whom the ultimate competitive advantage is cognitive.

The importance that cognitive skills plays in a child‘s life is one of the reasons that it comes out to be an essential part of every pre-school curriculum.

From the very tender age, all the pre-school teachers work their best to enhance the child’s cognitive skills by usually involving the popular learning by doing method. Let us see the benefits your child will reap with sharp cognitive skills:

See your child as an improved reader, writer and thinker

Enhanced reading, thinking and writing skills are some of the benefits that your child will enjoy as a benefit of efforts made on enhancing their cognitive skills. For this, every night sit with them and open a world of beautiful stories in front of them. Emilie Buchwald rightly said that “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents”. Read with them as this will help them to create their own wonderful and exciting world of imagination giving wings to their creative side. Moreover, ask them to write something every night before they go to bed. Let them write an imaginative story. You never know that they might surprise you with their creativity coming out to be the next J.K. Rowling. Along with this, give time to answer their questions with all the love in the world. This will help them develop their thinking skills another important benefit that your child will reap because of the efforts made in improving their cognitive skills.  

Your child will have good memory

If you work on improving your child’s cognitive skills, then they will have a sharp mind. It’s an old concept that almonds boost the brain power. But, along with that your efforts to improve your kid’s memory by working on their visualisation skills, playing memory games and introducing them to new toys plays a huge role in enhancing their memory. Ask questions about their day. This will help them recall all the events of their day giving a boost to their overall memory.  

Your child will be able to solve maximum problems at his own end

The power of excellent problem solving skills cannot be denied in the world we live. This will help them perform well in their school life as well as in their professional life. Thus, work on their skills from their childhood.

First of all, let them identify their problem. It could be that they were unable to perform well at the extempore. Help them identify and accept their problem. Now, ask them what you can do to solve your problem. Just listen what answers they would give to you. If they say anything reasonable, then ask them to apply the idea. In case they don’t, then give them a solution. But, do ensure that you do not spoon feed them. Help them use their own brain. Give advice only when you see that they are not able to solve the problem on their own. Slowly and steadily they will learn how to fix issues at their own end. Thus, your little efforts in developing your child’s cognitive skills will eventually convert your child into a confident individual who can independently solve his problems. 

Your child will have strong presence of mind

Good concentration skills are one of the top ten skills that recruiters look for. Thus, you will give your child the gift of good concentration levels and an important skill for performing well in life when you will give time to improve your child’s cognitive skills. For this, bring in more fluctuations to their day to day experience. Limit interruptions and distractions which will further enhance their concentration levels. Moreover, introduce new toys or baby programmes which will add to the curiosity of the child helping them learn new things and making their life more interesting.

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