Role of oxytocin in love making and vice versa

Setting aside role of oxytocin as labor contractions of uterus and milk ejection in mammals; oxytocin is wonderful “Hormone of love” and “Hormone of bonding” that plays a major part in shaping human behaviors especially its love making processes.

Setting aside role of oxytocin as labor contractions of uterus and milk ejection in mammals; oxytocin is wonderful “Hormone of love” and “Hormone of bonding” that plays a major part in shaping human behaviors especially its love making processes.

Love making is play of adolescent and teenaged minds and hearts. We never talk and listen about the love making of the aged person. Of course age is no bar to live making. Love making is complex physic-psycho process in which various factors are involved. It is the outcome of many factors involved in love making. The most striking and contributing factors in love making process are:
• human senses
• Mind
• Oxytocin
What is love? Many definitions of love have been given, but it is nature is such it is still undefined.

There can be no single all pervading and all convincing definition of love. Everyone has his own expression, feeling, and conception of love. Love is supreme emotion of human life and existence beyond description or expression. The most natural process in this whole universe is love and love making. Love making is not good word to describe the true nature of love. It does not give the right expression of love. Love is not a command button to switch on at our volition. The element of spontaneity is missing from its composition and structure. Love can not be created at will. It is automatic. Many grand processes of human life are automatic and not under the conscious will of humans, heart beating is such an involuntary process. The automatism of love leads us to sympathetic nervous system. So love making is combination of many physiological and psychological factors. The combined effect of all these factors is love. Love is recognition and overlapping of one’s self with other’s self. It is programming of two similar minds on the same wavelength and same frequency.

Love is formless and times less. Timelessness, egolessness, formlessness and consciousness are four qualitative of true love. Love is not subjected to time and decay. Love is not mere attraction fascination of bodies or opposite sexes. it is much more than that. Love is love nothing else no word can express it. .Even the word of love can not express the exact and true nature of love

There are certain physical and physiological signs and gestures from which we can recognize the love state of mind involved in love. In love affair whole physiology of body is altered on the mental plan. Remembrance is a sure sign of love we remember to someone only to whom we love. The most abhorred persons are never remembered. Out of mind out of sight is famous proverb, signifying the value of remembrance.

Have you ever thought how love and affection positively affect your body and human health? Have you ever thought the role of love which it plays in our daily lives and activities? Why everybody does yearn for love? Do you know that the bigger factor in generating and sustaining love is oxytocin? Some psychologists have referred it as “love hormone” Its true role and chemistry is not fully understood and interpreted yet. Physiologist and psychologists are researching on its various modes and its various processes. The right chemistry of this hormone is still unknown. We know this hormone by its effects on our mind and health.
What is this oxytocin? Oxytocin is both a hormone as well as neuro –transmitter .Hormones are chemical messengers released by endocrine glands of our body into the blood stream. Neuro transmitters are chemicals released by the nerve endings at the synapse

Two decade ago the role of oxytocin was limited to labor contractions of uterus and milk ejection in mammals. Its role during child birth and labor is remarkable. When cows and buffaloes do not induce to milk people used to inject oxytocin injection for same purpose and it is banned the entire world over now. These are the two old classical uses of oxytocin.

Oxytocin has more to offer than its power of labor contraction and ejection milk from mammary glands .it has far reaching effects on love making processes of lovers and married couples. Oxytocin is unseen magnet, the Mother Nature has placated in human body to feel attracted to like minded person and repulsion of opposites. Its significance in imparting love feelings and generating attraction and love feelings for the persons is beyond description. Why guys and girls feel attracted to each other? Why we wish to make love with someone. Why we feel connected and attached? We see oxytocin behind all processes of connectedness, belongingness, attachment, ownness of human lives and activity. In the background there are processes of oxytocin behind all our love processes and above mentioned processes.. There can not be any love making without oxytocin. There can not be any love affairs of girls and guys without the involvement of oxytocin.. One can not fall in love and be lost in love without this tricky hormone. It is also called “Bonding hormone” because of its power of creating attractive bonds of love between human relationships. It creates bonds of love between lovers, partners and mother and son. Bonding is basis of human life and activity. We have family bonding. We have social bonding. We have friendly bonding. We have sex bonding. All our relations exist because of love bonding had there been no love bonding there would have been any relationships.

But the true chemical nature and composition in producing such wonderful love effects, health benefits, and relationships effects is not known fully and is still a mystery Perhaps the varied and all round role of oxytocin is due to its ability and power in controlling the adverse and anti health effects of anxiety, fear and tension and stress. Oxytocin is also known to counteract the effects of the hormone cortisol or adrenaline which is produced during stress situations from adrenal glands. It is said to be produced in response to; “flight and fight” situations of emergency. The level of cortisol in our blood is highly raised during stressful situations of anxiety and depression.
All hormones affect the behavior of humans in more or less degree. But Thyroidinum and oxytocin are two hormones which are simply marvelous in shaping and Moulding the behavior of the person especially the love behavior of humans. It is known fact that excess of Thyroidinum makes the person, very touchy, fussy, fastidious, suspicious and prone to many external impressions and allergic situations. Similarly the oxytocin makes the man very loveable, pleasurable and amenable adaptable, sociable, affectionate, sympathetic, empathtic and above all passionate and crazy and obsessive. It creates a deep sense of connectedness and belonging between different groups of people. Oxytocin is also anti depressant and anti stress hormone. It creates the feelings of calmness happiness and tranquility in our minds. It shapes our attitudes and aptitudes. It profoundly affects the whole frame of human life and activity. It creates our desires and aversions. When we are in love situations the whole universe seems to be in love process and dancing in love frenzy and seems good. When our mind is in turmoil confusion, nervousness, consternation and tension the whole universe seems full of misery, sorrows and pains. It shapes and moulds our behavior how we view and perceive the environment and universe? How we view social situations positively or negatively? It frames all outlines of human behavior. The more we nurture the feelings of love and friendship and connect with others by creating bonds of love and friendship, the more responsive our mind and body becomes. How the human body responds in love? is a wonderful experience to be seen. In responsiveness in our body is totally relaxed and becomes stress free. Oxytocin is unusual hormone of connectedness and attachment and love and understanding. It can not be taken orally but it should be released by our brain and nervous system to induce love making and social bonding. The trigger factor for the release of this wonderful hormone and neuro transmitter is our social behavior of friendship and love, compassion and empathy.

Encourage oxytocin production in your body with compassionate and caring behavior and, strengthening the boding connections, nurture healthy feelings adopt positive and healthy aptitude and attitude. .these will induce oxytocin production and oxytocin in turn wills strength your bonds more in a powerful manner. Oxytocin is in the background of our roller coast emotion and passions. of surging and destines climaxes and bottoms. Our body‘s faulty response to oxytocin leads to depression anxiety and stress autism, split personality in which all social bonding and connectedness is lost. Consciously stick to behaviors that promote its productions in our body.

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