Six Core Strategies for Communicating with A Girl You are Crushing On

Become Her Mr. Right by Saying All the Right Things

Six Core Strategies for Communicating with A Girl You are Crushing On
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Dating Dilemma: You've got a major crush on a girl but you're scared to make a move for fear you'll mess up any chance with her? Check out these 6 simple, but savvy communication tactics to help break the ice, catch her attention, and maybe even win her over:

It doesn’t seem to matter what age group you look to, the dating scene is an anomaly, much of the time. It’s like playing Russian Roulette as to whether or not you’ll say or do the right things to “get the girl.”

Thankfully, it’s the digital age and we’ve got a pleather of resources to draw upon to learn all the right, maneuvers, lingo, et al. You’re just a Google search away from an enormous sea of information at your fingertips, however, is it all the best advice? Not a chance.

Unfortunately, when it comes to dating and relationships, its often advice biased by opinion via someone who may be jaded (from being hurt before) or gun-shy when it comes to intimate connections and commitment. Even trained therapists can have their personal opinions infiltrate their advice and wisdom doled out.

It may feel like you’re pretty much on your own, but there are several tried and true things you can say and/or do that will sway a crush in your direction. We all want to be unique and interesting by not using the same old lines, but the trick is to tweak the “same old” and make it your own (and specific to your situation).

Nonchalantly Break the Ice (without it coming across as prying)

Getting to know someone new is tricky business and can get even more complicated, depending on the personality and temperament of the individual. For example, a naturally secretive and suspicious Scorpio might take a completely innocent question and feel their privacy has been invaded or that you’ve stepped over a line.

So how do you bring the swagger and win over your crush without bowling her over?

Start by sharing your own backstory.

Casually share a few details about your own life, to break the ice. You’ll soon find her joining in the conversation willingly. Take it from there but be sure to keep it light and carefree (not an interrogation session).

Talk Career and Life Goals

Taking this route in the conversation is a smart move because it’s not personal but can show your crush you’ve got things figured out and have a life plan. You’re not some lost soul, struggling to cling to the next person or thing (who likes co-dependency?).

This topic is a guaranteed safe zone in any new connection conversation because it’s less impersonal and more about “outer appearances.” However, it can lead to much more, in a hurry. Life goals can soon lead into life in general, on any level. Catch the wave as it comes because it could go in any direction at this point.

Find Out What She Likes to Do for Fun

Do they have any hobbies or regular social activities they engage in? Maybe you can relate in this arena and establish a solidified connection at this point, while still keeping things light.

You can also start this subject off by sharing your own interests first. It might seem like a risky move, at first. After all, what if they think your interests are weird or creepy?

Take the dive. Risk it. Chances are exceptional your crush not only shares similar interests but will likely even find yours intriguing. If you’re attracted to this person, chances are good that they share some similar interests with you.

Share Something Personal

In order to steer clear of any danger zones, it’s a safe bet to stick to starting off riskier subjects with your own experiences, first. This is a total ice-breaker and shows your crush that you’re open, honest, and have nothing to hide.

It’s a sure-fire way to bring their guard down and feel completely comfortable with you. Honesty and authenticity are always greeted with open arms. There’s nothing like the truth to set you free.

Pace Yourself

When you’re really into someone and it’s a new connection, it’s only natural to let the thrill and excitement of it all carry you away. That’s when you can cross crucial boundaries and mess things up royally.

Although you may want to ask a zillion questions, contain your enthusiasm because there can be a fine line between interest and obsession. Especially to someone who doesn’t know you very well yet.

Less is More. If you feel as though you’re unsure as to whether or not you’ve overdone the Q & A, that’s definitely a red flag for you to stop at that point and wrap it up.

These are just a handful of effective strategies to get you started off on the right foot to win your crush over. They may seem fairly basic and something you might already know, but in the moment, it can be tough to remember these key golden rules.

Familiarize yourself with these basic core concepts first, before attempting anything bolder or risky. Easing into things is always the safe bet when establishing any new connection.

Better safe than sorry!

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I liked your article so much. The tips are so pragmatic. It is always good to be honest and go with natural pace without hurrying up. Most of the time people jump up too fast and are too curious to know everything in one go and so the conversation turns into an interrogation session and that definitely kills the relationship prematurely.